4 in 10 of us hate THIS

That is…

Looking at themselves in the mirror every day 

I had a terrible relationship with the mirror and my eating growing up

I  actually battled with an eating disorder…

And  although I overcome this  

I still had one dodgy relationship with the mirror during my university years

You see, I had BIG confidence issues

Tell me to speak and present in front of  3 or more people…

And my knees would be shaking like (sugar free) jelly. 

I’d have a face like a beetroot. 

And  my mouth would go as dry as it is after  a heavy night on the vino

I had so little confidence that my postgraduate supervisor told me that if I wanted to put my knowledge to good use, change people’s lives and have no regrets…

Then I needed to   have confidence and learn how to communicate my message


By – first off – practicing in the mirror

And you know what?

I hated it

Kept putting it off

Because every time I did it

It just reminded of the ‘pain’ I was in

It was a reflection of   whether I’d done ‘the work’… or not

And  although the mirror can be VERY misleading

^^^ As body transformation member, Billy, explained before (it’s hard to take the blame for when you do WELL too, right? but you have to!)

It is…

In conjunction with:

The scales

Your 30 day benchmarks

Your progress pictures


And how your clothes fit…

A reflection of whether you’ve done the work or not

And this might all sound a bit harsh

but I’m saying this because I have your best interests at heart

And don’t want to mislead you in any way

I mean, you have to do the work

Do the small things, day in, day out to get the results you say you want

Just like I ended up practicing speaking in the front of the mirror every day. 

Volunteering to do speaking events with local weight management programmes

Because you only get results for DONE

And if it’s the DOING that you’re struggling with


Doing what you said you would do

Then I’ve got the programme that will put these fears to rest for you

And you can apply for a free 14 day Lean Up challenge on my Female Fat Loss Mastery programme by applying here:


See you on the other side


PS. Happy Valentines Day…mine will probably consist of more nappies 🙂 Mrs Fruci had her surprise at the weekend :-)​​​

PPS. Here’s the link: https://frucifit.com/fatlossmastery/

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