My 10 ‘sleeping like baby Ottilie’ Hacks for you

My daughter Ottilie is sleeping so shhhhhhhh


here’s my 10 ‘sleep like baby Ottilie’ hacks for you

and don’t worry…

None of them involve breast milk, burping or poo (well, maybe I lied on the last one. Kind of…)

And before you say ‘I’m different’…

Score yourself​​​​​​ out of 10 based on how may you actually do of the following. 

See if you can add some new habits to your routine that will leave you with more energy to do make better food choices, tone up, and stop taking everything out on the loved ones (as I do when I’m tired…)

The ladies in Female Fat Loss Mastery have found them useful, so give them a go​​​

1.Be Regular: 

Go to bed and get up at the same time (your body loves consistency). 

Crying baby? Just try to recover your sleep debt OR try your very best to go sleep at the same time as your baby (as I try and do…apart from right now, of course ;-))

2.Stop working at the SAME time each day: 

Have a power-down hour before bed (read, talk to your family…take your foot off of the accelerator)

3.Turn off the iPhone, iPad and TV 

(if that’s how you ‘relax’ that’s fine but avoid too much light in the 30 minutes before bed. Try putting your TV on a timer so it switches off…as you do ;-))

4.Use Headspace before bed 

(free app) to help you switch off


If this gives you energy, try to avoid it later in the day…if it mellows you out…do it later in the day!

6. Get some light in the morning: 

I know, it’s difficult in the winter…but even at lunch time will help you

7. Journal every evening: 

Note down 3 things you did well that day (finish on a WIN! Everything else can wait)

8. Stay hydrated BUT: 

Don’t drink too close to bed (similar for eating as this can make you get up in the night)

9.Try Magnesium Citrate for a weak bladder if you’re up in the night

10. Avoid caffeine after 4pm

How did you score?

Be honest and let me know

Matt ‘(trying) to sleep like a baby’ Fruci​​​​​

PS. here’s my BONUS

The ‘Fruci-NAP-accino’:

for when you’re stressed, busy, sleep deprived, but STILL have more work to do:

—Down an espresso (takes about 20-30mins to set in)

Go to bed for 20 minutes for a power nap

—^^^This helps lower adenosine which makes you crash…(especially in the afternoon)

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