Is it really because you can’t handle carbs?

It’s crazy to think about life before Ottilie (my daughter) now

Changing nappies

Burping in the night (not me…)

Making Mrs Fruci poached eggs on toast at 3am feed  

Despite this…

I’ll get straight  back to sleep in a flash (most of the time…thanks to my eye mask and meditative music ;-)) very Zen!!)

Unless I do the stupid thing of checking my phone

Not to see what Donald Trump or Katie Price are up to

^^^ Because I know I’ll just waste energy stressing about something I have ZERO control over….as is the case with the price of broccoli ;-))

But to see what’s going on in the scientific weight loss world

And guess what I saw the other night (whilst burping baby)?

Another study on probiotics and the potential benefits of a healthy gut…

And this time it was in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Something associated with an inability to lose fat and poor ability to handle carbohydrates in their diet

Despite weight gain and the difficulty losing weight amongst women with PCOS

Those taking a probiotic saw increased weight loss, reductions in their BMI and an improvement in insulin sensitivity (something that may impact your fat loss and ability to handle carbs)

Now, I’m hardly jumping with joy and throwing dirty nappies in the air at 3am about this (I wash my hands before I make Mrs Fruci’s poached eggs on toast, don’t worry)

But it does provide more food for thought for you and your weight loss

Regardless of whether you have polycystic ovary syndrome

Because it appears that those with PCOS often have insulin resistance

And a low(ER) carb diet sometimes works pretty well

So what if it wasn’t that your body doesn’t do well with carbs?

What if you could alter your gut bacteria to help you better handle carbs?

Through diet alone?

Or is that  because you’ve avoided carbs for so long that your body can’t handle them as well?

Maybe you restrict carbs so much that when you do eat them, you simply overeat them and feel bloated?

Perhaps you’re not doing the type of exercise that helps your body to handle sugar better so it isn’t stored as fat so easily?

Is it because you think that brown bread, rice and pasta means you can eat more?​​​ (a question I got the other day, in fact…)

A few questions for you that can only be really be answered through assessing and giving me feedback


Now, this ain’t easy and it ain’t always fun

But it’s totally worth it

Just like those nappy changes, 3am poached eggs on toast deliveries, and bedtime scientific journal stories I read to baby Ottilie (poor girl…)

Best wishes,

Matt ‘boring the daughter to sleep’ Fruci

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