3 Things You Need To Know About Bread

Nonna would see me picking at some crisp, green olives at the dinner table…

Raise her eyebrows and say:

“have some bread otherwise you not digesty” <<< that was my impression of her English-Italian accent

It seems to be Nonna’s ‘belief’ that unless you have your bread…

You get ‘full of wind’ AKA bloated…

^^^ It’s actually the opposite for me but I’ll come on to that later

But here’s the thing: it’s tradition to have bread with just about every meal, right?

You dip your roll in your soup…

Naan in your curry (if you want to learn more bout eating curry to weight, go here)

Enjoy your scone with your afternoon tea

And dip your batton of buttery, garlic bread, crisped to perfection, in your spaghetti bolognese…

Now, I know what you’re thinking (I just ‘bread’ your mind):

“are you going to to tell me to stop eating bread or just eat brown or seeded bread like all the others say I have to do to lose weight ?’

NO…don’t worry.

In fact, I’m here to tell you that to lose weight and get a flat stomach..

You don’t have to eat ‘clean’ and give up your beloved bread


Ditch your soft, smooth, yet spongy, WHITE loaf

^^^^ I hope that made Nonna proud

Simple because… the calories in white and brown bread are the same 🙂

So, just making this simple swap may not help you shrink your waistline

^^^^ talk about your good intentions being stolen by those who think they know about nutrition…

What about if you have seeded bread?

Well, this contains MORE calories than white and brown bread so could explain how even when you ‘eat healthy’…

You still can’t lose weight and put more on…

Can you see how your beliefs about a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food could be stopping you getting back into the clothes you want to wear?

The catch?

Now, for health reasons (decreasing your risk of Type 2 diabetes,  heart disease and helping your cholesterol and blood pressure)

You know that losing fat from around your stomach is important

^^^ it COULD also help improve your confidence, energy, and mindset..which could reduce your stress and improve your health in itself (more on that another day).

And that eating more fibre could hep you do this

^^^ by keeping you full and ‘staying regular’

AND…it  just so happens that brown and seeded bread contains more fibre than white bread…

So – potentially – if swapping white bread for brow or seeded bread meant you were more full up…

It could help you lose weight and tone up…


* It stops you going for your third ’round of toast and jam’


* Picking up a pack of biscuits on the go as you’re starving an hour later…

The only time this rule changes is if you have an already malfunctioning digestive tract

^^^^ as in the case of IBS, Crohn’s, Coeliac, or food intolerances / allergies…for example…

In which case lowER fibre options are usually best to avoid flare up of symptoms…

To sum up…

Despite what they tell you about ‘bread being bad’ , only eating ‘clean’ and that you have to eat brown or seeded bread to lose weight…

I’m having ‘naan’ of it (see what I did there)

^^^ just like the awesome members on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme are (because life is for living not constant dieting)

Because when you look at the EVIDENCE and SCIENCE…

It comes back down to your overall intake

Whether you eat white, brown or seeded bread

I hope you found this helpful

And to go one step further, I’ve summarised the key points for you in this picture here:

It’s the ‘yeast’ I could do for you.

The Body Transformation Programme That Empowers Busy Ladies To Ditch The Fad Diets And Go From Sluggish To Slim

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