Why breakfast doesn’t work…for everyone!

He wakes up every morning

brushing each of his 32 teeth, 76 times

He would do his tie in a single knot rather than a double knot to save up to 43 seconds

He would run at a rate of 57 steps per block with an apple (which was his breakfast)

to catch his 8:17am bus to work!

This is how the film, ‘Stranger than Fiction’ starts (which I watched the other day)

You have Will Ferrell playing a guy who has an insanely STRICT and RIGID routine

And it reminded me about what you’re often told about the ‘most important meal of the day’



You know, how they tell you that you HAVE to eat it to ‘spike your metabolism’


‘you’ll go into starvation mode and store loads of fat on your stomach’

Truth is

The research shows there is NO change in your metabolism or calories burnt

Whether you eat breakfast or not

My point?

You do not have to eat breakfast to lose weight if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle

^^^ Maybe you’re up super early, value an extra 20 minute in bed or prefer to eat more later when you’re actually hungry

What actually is breakfast?

You see, most people see breakfast as the meal they eat when they first get up

But it is actually defined as ‘breaking a fast’


The first meal you eat

So – technically – eating your first meal at 12pm still means you had ‘breakfast’ as you are ‘breaking your fast’

Why you SHOULD eat breakfast?

1) It might stop you grabbing anything high fat / sugary on-the-go

2) You are in control of what you are eating so can top up with nutritious foods that will keep you full (get your vitamins and minerals in)

Why breakfast might not be for you…

1) You’re busy in the morning and food just isn’t a priority for you as you’re not hungry and won’t enjoy your food

2) You prefer to eat a bigger meal in the evening and want to balance your intake throughout the day

^^ Something I often do when eating out BIG to compensate

Do I – and members – on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation eat breakfast?




You see, it depends

^^^ Like most of things when it comes to diet, losing weight, and toning up

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​on your lifestyle, work, schedule and preferences.

And that’s why our awesome members get the ​​​amazing results they do on my 90-Day Body Transformation Programmes

Because there’s no RIGID plan that deprives you of your favourite foods


Tells you that you have to brush each of your teeth 76 times

And eat breakfast BEFORE 7am or RISK going into STARVATION mode​​​​​​

Because that is the secret to losing weight, keeping it off, and ditching the baggy clothes for good

A bespoke nutritional strategy that fits your lifestyle so you spend less time worrying about what and when to eat and ditch the fads and yoyo dieting for good.

Empowering Busy Ladies In Wiltshire​​​​​​ To Put The ‘U’ Back Into Their Nutrition

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