How Mijan is toning up by eating curry…

Did you see how a member on one of my body transformation programmes (Mijan) ditched over 4 stone by eating curry?

His friend posted his before and after pics just last week (as he's not one to pat himself on the back...)




Now, I don't train too many guys

^^^ usually, the only guys I do train are the hubby's of the ladies I train in my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System

But I took on Mijan last year.

And you know the best part about Mijan's crazy body transformation?

Well, he has a family business (Ganges, an Indian Restaurant in Wootten Bassett)

Which means - for ease - MOST of his diet came from the curry house

​Can you imagine Mijan's response if I told him that whilst being on call 24 / 7 in a busy restaurant

He had to cook and prepare all his own meals...

He would have probably lasted a week...or 2!

Truth is, ​​​​​​​​​I want to create a nutritional strategy that fits your lifestyle (so you can keep the weight off once and for all)

And - just like myself and Mijan - I​​​'m guessing you a like a takaway or two, right?

So, I'm here to show you that you do NOT have to give up your favourite foods to get a flat stomach

^^^ something I hear a lot from newer members on my 90-Day Shape Up Shift Programme

Small changes really do add up (Mijan is proof of are the other ladies here:

So, no matter how small you think a change is

Just start doing it today.

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