The #1 dieting mistake you can correct today!

No – don’t worry – it’s not ‘no carbs after 6pm’

^^^ I’ll come on to that one another day…I was once a believer, too!

This lesson comes from my ever so chatty daughter…who’s only 6 months old

She sometimes finds her voice…at 4am!

^^^ cutest thing in the world by the way…the ‘geeees’, ‘goooohhhsss”, and ‘gaaahhhss’…then drifts back to sleep!

But – sometimes – the teething gets a bit too much for her

And getting her back to sleep

Can be a tricky one

What’s this got to do with the #1 dieting mistake? 

Well, I became a Dr Google-er (Where you ask Google just about anything and everything)

And I got 1000s of articles claiming to have THE answer to getting a teething baby to sleep

Some worked, some didn’t (white noise sends me to and Ottilie to sleep nearly every time)

But just because some worked for my daughter and some worked for others

It doesn’t mean this ONE way will work for you

And don’t get me started on the weaning process 

^^^ ‘Do it at 4 months’, ‘ do it at 6 months’, ‘giving them whole food’, ‘ give them puree’

Truth is, every baby is different.

Just like you and me are different.

^^^ I’m finally getting to my point 🙂

Which is where – both me and you – have probably gone wrong in the past

You’re always looking for the BEST diet.

the ‘IN’ thing (it was the aloe vera diet last year…now it seems to be detox teas, skinny coffees, and avocados).

Looking at what worked for others 

And thinking that this way must work for you

And I get it

Because counting ‘syns’ DOES work for some ladies

But for others?

It can create the ‘belief’ that some foods are ‘bad’…

And you almost feel you failed

‘Self sabotage’ (and cue the vicious cycle: binge >> pile weight back on >> start again Monday)

Best thing you can do?

Start doing something (as with every failure is a lesson of what does or doesn’t work for you)​​​​​​

Which is exactly why

Although I use the MAIN scientifically backed principles with every nutritional strategy I create with members on my Body Transformation Programme

The exact WAY in which we do this is bespoke for your lifestyle, food likes, family, work schedule, weekend binges, love of cheesecake and more…

^^^^ even the self-confessed ‘technophobe’ who still loves to have everything on that thing called paper AKA offline

Why do I focus on this?

Because you’ve done plenty of diets before, right?

And lost weight.

the problem?

Keeping it off!

^^^ You’re not alone…about 2/3s of us put more weight back on than we lose

And this is exactly why I’ve created 3 modules in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

So that:

1) I meet you where you’re at so you don’t have to be ‘fit to start’

2) You take away the tools I’ve used with hundreds of other ladies that makes you accountable so you can build the nutritional strategy that suits your lifestyle…even if you’re busy juggling work and family

The results?

The BEST diet and exercise programme in the world…for you..that means you can ditch the quick-fix diets for good, go form sluggish to slim, and fit back into your favourite clothes

Just like the members using the principles I teach you in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme are doing…

The bad news?

it’s not easy…and it doesn’t happen overnight

The good news?

It is very, very simple, as I show you here

Putting The ‘U’ Back Into Nutrition

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