£100 for a few hours sleep?

So a very rare moment happened last week.

Me and Mrs Fruci had about 6 hours of  “baby free” time.

(In laws 🙏🙏)

We went for a morning spa at Center Parcs.

Loads of different saunas, steam rooms, quiet rooms, spa, pool, jacuzzi… to name it! 

We spent the morning together, going into all 15 rooms or so that they have before going for a “brunch” (gluten free, obviously 😉)

And then I spent the next 2 hours…sleeping in a “meditation” “quiet room” 

It was the best thing ever.

But as Mrs Fruci said: 

“You could just sleep at home”

And it’s true. 

Some would say I wasted time just sleeping…

But my point here is that I wouldn’t have done it at home


Because there’s always something I could be doing:

✅ emails
✅ Facebook messages 
✅ coaching calls
✅ nappy changing 
✅ washing (vital with a 2 year old and a 5 month old baby)

That I feel “are more important” than looking after me / self care / sleep.

That just “has to be done”

Ever get that?

It’s why I personally work with a coach myself to keep me accountable.

I have to check in with them every week and simply do the the things I know I need to do.

Might sound a bit strange, but I need the kick up the bum sometimes to kickstart myself into DOING (the secret to getting the results you want)

It’s similar to what the ladies I work with tell me.

They often know what to do. But need a kickstart / some motivation / a plan / routine so they can get into healthy habits with their exercise and relationship with food.

That’s where there’s such a focus in our programme on helping them overcome the procrastinating and reasons why they say they can’t

(Be it failed before, willpower, or injuries / lack of mobility)

So they can do it and stick to it long enough to get the results they want..

(That’s where making it fun comes in & fitting it to your lifestyle…)

Because it’s one thing knowing what to do, but a completely different thing to actually DO it..

It’s like comparing 

  1. your other half telling you to swim more 


  1. A physio telling you to swim more

I can guarantee you’ll do more swimming with number 2..

Sometimes I just need some to be in a dark room, with some relaxing music WITH NO PHONE to force me to switch off and relax..

Just like sometimes I need a hygienist to tell me to floss my teeth

Matt “sleeping beauty” Fruci

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