That (Za Za) Bizarre moment

It was date night the other night with the wife.

We watched ‘Mother’s Day’

The one with Jennifer Anniston in (the only reason I agreed to watch it. OK, I lied. I suggested it)

You seen it?

^^^ If you haven’t, I wouldn’t do stress too much 😉

But one part stood out:

       ‘your kid’s eating sand. There’s cat poo in there’…

       The reply?

       ‘well at least they’ll grow up to have a healthy immune system’

Why this stood out?

Well, next time you’re running around putting the dinner on

Doing the school run

Dealing with tantrums

Playing ‘taxi’

And feeling like there’s just not enough time in the day for you to achieve your goal of feeling more confident in your favourite clothes (and hoping others will notice how well you’ve done on your weight loss journey…without screaming at / bribing them)

Know that there might be some GOOD in all of this.

I mean, you get to provide for your family

Spend time with them

And laugh about how they – more often than not – make you want to bang your head against the table

^^^ I get that I have that effect on my wife given the looks she gives me sometimes…

And it’s the same with all this consistency stuff with your diet.

I mean, the weight might start dropping off in just a few weeks for you. 

A bit like Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Amelia, has found:

‘Overall I have been cooking some lovely meals, eating around 5/6 meals a day. 

I am so pleased that I have found a coach that understands different peoples eating habits- I honestly think this is the best way for me to lose weight”


You might find that your road is a little more bumpy.

Where you feel like you’ve been consistent for 2 weeks and nothing has changed.

You become a bit frustrated (and rightly so)

Especially as you have a family party at the all you can eat Za Za Bazaar restaurant in Bristol (which I must try after Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Marie, recommend it to me last week!)

But – all of a sudden – you notice that DESPITE eating out.

Enjoying yourself

Choosing from Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Japanese (and I could go on and on about this restaurant)

You find that your weight…

Finally goes down.

Which – kind of – dampened my ‘oh you have to eat all this good food, Marie’ speech I had planned

But here’s the thing…

If you’re  on track 80% of the time.

Controlling the meals and snacks that YOU are in control of. 

You really can still eat the foods you enjoy, you lose weight and live a “normal” life 

^^^ rather than be like I used to be (feeling guilty about curry night with the wife…or ‘giving up’ my favourite foods, only to binge on later…)

And it’s exactly why I aim to empower you to – dare I say it – enjoy losing fat.

Make things SUPER simple for you

To help you develop a more positive relationship with food and ditch the love handles for good

So you can feel more confident and enjoy having everyone else ask you how did YOU DID IT for a change.

And this is what Female Fat Loss Mastery is all about!

Best wishes,

Matt ‘Bizarre’ Fruci

PS. I’ve spoken about ‘eating more to lose weight’ here and if you want to experience it, go here
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