One ‘Golden’ tip to help you poo

‘I’m no longer running to the loo

BUT…I now have the opposite problem.

I’m constipated. Feel a bit bloated’

A message I got last week from a Fit For Life Body Transformation member. 

So today I’m going to share with you my ONE ‘golden’ tip to get things moving downstairs again….

GOLDEN LINSEEDS aka flaxseed powder, such as this one

They’re FULL of fibre

Contain some ‘healthy’ fats

And are low in carbs

Providing a ‘nutty’ kind of flavour.

You can sprinkle them on salads



In pancake mixes

Add them to shakes and smoothies

Or even use them as a coating for your chicken!

And surprisingly – given that they don’t have customer toilets – Aldi have started stocking them too 😉

If you do decide to go for the WHOLE flaxseed / linseed as opposed to the ‘milled’ or ‘ground’ variety

Don’t be surprised if they make their way straight through you (if you get what I mean)

Anyway, here’s a quick and simple ‘get things moving’ shake you can use:

* 150 ml of almond milk

* 2 tbsp golden linseeds

* 1 handful of strawberries

* 1 scoop of whey protein (strawberry / vanilla / banana work well)

Whizz them up and enjoy!

On top of this, ask yourself:

* Are you drinking enough water?

* Are you managing your sleep / stress?

And this GOLDEN, yet simple tip may give you some clues as to what COULD be the issue for you if you’re constantly feeling the urge to go to the bathroom.

Saying that, the gut is one mysterious beast!

and only through DOING

Will you really understand the types and amounts of foods that work for YOU so you can ditch the bloating and have the energy to do more of the things you want to do

Best wishes,


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