Eating More To Lose Fat?

Eating More To Lose Fat?

6am and I've woken up on this fine Sunday morning - not through choice but rather through the choice of my crying AND HUNGRY dog.

But...going through my emails and reading this from a client:

"This refeed day is nothing less than a blessing. You have no idea. I can't believe the relationship I used to have with food; such small amounts of carbs and fats and thinking that I was keeping myself well fed - I've grown to appreciate food so much more"

​I now have the facial expression of a small child at Christmas...

Not only has her relationship with food improved

^^^^ which is HUGE for sanity!

But she's also LOSING MORE FAT!

"FINALLY, WE'VE HIT 70! My confidence is at an all time high"

But what is a refeed day?

A refeed day is where you bring your food intake UP (you eat more) to increase your metabolism and help you burn more fat.

This is to try and prevent the old "starvation mode" where your body gets stubborn and holds on to fat...

^^^^ often from chronic undereating!

So this refeed day - at the VERY LEAST - can halt a decrease in our metabolism


if done properly can even increase our metabolism...

Calories and certain types of carbs will have the greatest impact on our metabolism during this refeed day!

How much do you increase your food intake by?

Well, it depends. Depends how much you're eating now. Overeat too much and your body will probably just put on more fat.

It's trial and error...but once you hit that sweet spot you may well know about it!​

check this study from 2014:

Overweight females who had "diet breaks" (e.g. refeed days where they could eat more) for 3 days every 11 days (over a 42 day period), maintained their metabolism (calories burned at rest)


had nearly double the weight-loss and OVER double the body fat loss  compared to those who simply just did a diet for 42 days...WITHOUT REFEEDING!...

^^^ Perhaps this was why my dog woke me up at 6am?​

Anyway, I'm guessing this might be you during your "refeed" at Sunday lunch later today....​

Speak soon,


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