Yup…carbs are now back on the menu

It's been likened to 'sawdust' and labelled as WORSE than 'cauliflower couscous'...

Yep, that's brown rice. 

Something, I just don't have the patience to cook (not to mention the fact it makes my stomach bloated).

Yet, they tell you to eat it instead of the so-called 'bad' white rice (as one member on my Tone Up Body Transformation Programme mentioned to me last week)

Well, as always, I'm here to help you separate the FACTS from the gossip.

Because it turns out that when they gave over 200 adults (who were at high risk of diabetes) either:

a) As much brown rice they liked


b) As much white rice as they liked..

Those eating the white rice reduced their BAD cholesterol MORE than those who had the brown rice...

Now, what I'm really getting at here is that there was no real difference (although, if anything, white rice may be better)

But this reminds of things I hear so much from busy ladies trying to lose weight and tone up but think they have to 'give up junk', 'ditch the carbs' and eat 'healthy' foods only...

It totally understand what you mean when you say "I am trying to eat healthy"...

wholegrains, fruits, veggies, leaner meats, fish, nuts/seeds and less highly processed convenience foods e.g. cakes, takeaways etc...

BUT...I don't actually like calling foods 'healthy' or 'unhealthy'. it sound like these foods can take the moral high ground above others...

Because - actually - it depends on you, your diet, lifestyle, and eating habits...as to whether a food is 'healthy' for you or not...

My take on this?

if you're around 80% so-called 'healthy' foods then it doesn't matter if the other 20% is coming from wine, Pringles, Pies, Donuts, lattes, Bounty trail mix or cheesecake... as your overall diet can be deemed as healthy if it is providing you with the nutrition required to lose unwanted body fat, tone up and fit back into your favourite more fashionable clothes.

And that's what I call a personalised nutrition strategy built for you and your lifestyle so you can stick to even on your busiest, most stressful day 

Matt 'rice rice baby' Fruci

​PS. This is the last FREE trial for my Tone Up Body Transformation Programme I will be running this year and I'm not sure when the next one will be (for free anyway) and applications close this Sunday...

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