You’re not going to like me for this

Because I’m telling you that doing the following on a Monday is the worst thing you can do

^^^ Other than not doing it all, of course 😉

And Female Fat Loss Mastery member (Julie) was proof of this last week

^^^ She LOST 4.5lbs and an inch from the waistline in the process (Not bad for 1 week, right?)

That is…

Planning your week ahead

Actually slowing down so you can get clear on what you actually want to achieve 

^^^ And figure out what’s working and what’s not so you can do more of the things that are working!

Deciding what HAS to be done no matter what

Your food, meals, shopping, meetings…etc.

^^^ Not everything down to a T but at least a loose plan​​


Because you’re already too busy reacting to other people’s plans

Putting YOU second

and when you put YOU second…

Your productivity 

Your progress

Your willpower


So, what can you do?

Be like Julie and plan your week before it STARTS

Meals, shopping, and exercise were organised

^^^ All by using my Fruci Fit Nutrition System​​​

Taking away the stress of knowing what and when to eat 

Removing the fear of ‘bad’ foods because you understand how to be flexible with your diet and enjoy them 

^^^ Whilst dropping pounds of fat

And helping to reduce your reliance on willpower when coming home after a long, stressful day and seeing Mikado Chocolate biscuits left on the side 

^^^ This recently happened to me by the way 🙂

You see, I used to think I didn’t have time to plan my week, too

but here’s the thing

Put in 30 mins at the weekend to plan your week ahead

And I guarantee it will save you time (so you have more ‘me’ time to get more of the things you want to do DONE), put you in control of your eating habits (so you don’t have to rely on willpower) AND help you understand exactly whats working for you and what’s actually wasting your time

So you can lose weight, ditch the stress of knowing what and when to eat and feel more confident in your new favourite clothes without giving up your Mikado chocolates one week and binging on them the next!

And this is exactly what we do in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Matt ‘MondayMotivation’ Fruci

PS. What’s your biggest barrier to losing weight and keeping it off?

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