Not just for my dodgy bowels?

My wife would tell you just how annoying I am about gut health

Every day throughout her pregnancy I would get her probiotic ready to take

Not just because probiotics helped me with my irritable bowels and allergy to wheat

^^^ I would literally eat and either be bloated OR running straight to the loo (and put on trial…for air pollution. So, you can blame me for global warming, not China)

But also because of the latest research AND – in particular – a study in Swansea showing that:

1) The babies of mothers given probiotics were 57% less likely to develop allergic eczema than those receiving the dummy product.


2) The babies of mothers given probiotics were 44% less likely to develop allergic reaction to the common allergens including pollen, cow’s milk, egg, and house dust mite.

Nothing to lose, right?

And recent research seems to show there MAY be even more to benefits for women looking to lose stomach fat…

As overweight women put on a diet with probiotics reduced their stomach fat and waist circumference MORE than the overweight women who were just put on the diet. 

Now, there wasn’t a massive difference. 

But could there be a bigger difference over a longer period of time?

Could it help you keep the weight off given that your gut bacteria affects how hungry you are?

In 2015, it was showed that probiotics may improve mood

Which could help you overcome a common hurdle when trying to lose weight and keep it off

Because an improved mood could lead to less more motivation and less comfort eating…

Putting an end to the:

“I’m on a low carb diet. I eat carbs every time I feel low”

So could probiotics, such as these) help with your weight loss and / or allergies?

Potentially, yes

But this also depends on your:

genetics (which I wouldn’t worry about for 1 second as what can you do about it?)



stress / poor sleep

lack of exposure to environmental microbes (maybe we need to roll around in the mud more?)

And ultimately…

A poor diet

One that leaves you feeling bloated

Craving your favourite foods



Kicking yourself for – once again – falling off the bandwagon.

Which is exactly why I help you get the basics right FIRST in Female Fat Loss Mastery 

So you can stick to it, ditch the love handles and keep the weight off once and for all!

As I show you here:

Matt ‘responsible for global warming’ Fruci

PS. Do you take probiotics?

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