Are you in charge of your food shop?

I actually love food shopping

And although online shopping saves time (and potentially money for you)

I’m a bit of stroller and a browser

^^^ I never go when hungry…

I treat as “me” time 

Thinking about new “healthy”, quick and simple recipes I could put together for you to help you lose weight and save more time 

^^^ so you and the family can eat wholesome, nutritious meals together (rather than eat separately because you’re on “another diet”)

But here’s the thing.

As the “Chief grocery shopper” in the Fruci household (I came up with that position) 

I’m responsible for 72% of what everyone who lives in my household eats 

^^ according to research at Cornell University

And I know not might seem appealing when the biscuits are 3 for 2 

and the choc fudge brownies are marked down to “2p” (love a bargain, me)


Did you know that 50% of the snack foods you buy in bulk are GONE in just 6 days?

Because you eat with your eyes 

We like to think that what eat is a rationale decision

But what you every day is a response to your environment you live in 

And it’s exactly why planning the bulk of your meals ahead 

^^^ like we do Female Fat Loss Mastery 

Leaves you winning the battle against your waistline 


Dare I say it – stress 


You know what and when to eat to lose weight and drop a few dress sizes (you just have to do it)

^^^without having to fear “bad” foods or social events with friends and family 

Your shopping list is automatically done for you (saving you more time)

^^^ and if what your family eat is 72% dictated by what we buy then you could say it’s positively influencing the healthy habits of loved ones :-)))

And as a member of my Female Fat Loss Mastery programme put it:

“I actually knew what I was going to do with the meats I bought this week”

And that’s a massive win for her right there

Because unlike most diets she’s done in the past…

She’s allowed carbs

And the family are all enjoying the food, too!

Which was my exact aim when putting together Female Fat Loss Mastery

To makes things super simple for you

So you stick to it, get more energy and feel more confident in your favourite clothes 

^^^ and all this without even setting foot in a gym 

Ready to make things super simple and start your body transformation?

Apply here:​

Matt “Chief grocery shopper” Fruci

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