You’re NOT alone…

So this week Wolfsburg and Germany striker Max Kruse has been dropped by Germany for the game against England this Saturday...


For leaving 75 000 Euros of poker winnings in the back of a taxi...


Wait for it...

Being addicted to NUTELLA...

He's been told to curb his "unhealthy" addiction...

It sounds a bit like me and my beloved peanut butter (especially with the buy one get one half price off at Holland and Barrett lingering just like the infamous DFS sale...)

Now fortunately for Kruse and his Nutella addiction...the science would suggest that his NUTELLA addiction CAN STAY providing his overall intake is controlled.

So a study compared your typical sports drink vs. fast food on recovery and exercise performance in 11 guys

After a 90 minute workout, the fast food group were given cakes, orange juice and a hash brown...whereas the sports supplement group were given a Gatorade and some organic peanut butter.

2 hrs later, the fast food group were given a hamburger, coke and fries. The sports supplement group were given energy bars and protein bars.

The CALORIES in both groups were EQUAL.

A week later, the guys switched over to the opposite diet.

There was no difference in time trial times after eating fast food compared to sports supplements. Glycogen (carbohydrate stores) RECOVERY WAS NOT different.

Glycogen is essentially your muscles stored fuel. Your body taps into this when you exercise.

There was also no difference in insulin levels, blood glucose or cholesterol.

Does this mean we should eat a load of junk food?

Of course not.

FOOD and meals containing wholefoods like potatoes, rice, meats, wraps, sandwiches veg, fruit are generally what I recommend whether it’s around exercise or not….Not sports supplements or fast food for that matter.

But what this does tell us is that

Sports supplements aren’t “magic”…but can be convenient!!!

“Fast food” isn’t necessarily “evil” IF calories are equal…and can also be useful for our mind…helping us stick to our overall nutrition strategy whilst enjoying our food!

You can be the guy that improves his fitness, does a progressive weight training programme a few times per week, enjoys the odd EASTER EGG and beer AND get’s the “you must have a fast metabolism!” from friends and family…

​So enjoy your Easter Eggs (and Nutella)...just get the BASICS right!

Speak soon,


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