Ever wondered…

How people seem to "eat whatever they want" and still lose fat?

Is it really a "fast metabolism"?

Is it a well-thought out nutritional strategy?​

I'm well and truly ready for a weekend of eating, drinking, relaxing and spending time with friends and family...

My Italian grandad will not be satisfied until I've had 5 plates...and even then I get:

"you've eaten too quick...you're just full up of wind" <<< Sounds even funnier in an Italian accent.

So what I'm saying is this:

Your environment plays a huge role in your eating habits, your fat loss, and ultimately how you look and feel.

I've been going over some strategies with some clients in the Fruci Fit Inner Circle group to help them ENJOY themselves whilst staying on track with their goal of ditching the love handles and building a more muscular physique.

The beauty of this process is not only the outcome (a lean physique, more confidence and more energy)

BUT also the ability to ENJOY food and drink and STILL stay on track...

In this video I go over a few tips that a few of my clients are doing this weekend to stay on track whilst STILL enjoying all of their favourite food and drink:

Use the tips in conjunction with The Lean For Life Starter Kit...

Remember that it's what you do ON AVERAGE that counts.

One healthy meal doesn't make you Ben Affleck or "Batman"

Just like one unhealthy meal DOESN'T make you that bloated belly...

Speak soon,


PS. Superman vs Batman film this weekend...to flop or not to flop?

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