We’re all FAT again…

1/3 of dieters regain more than they lose in the first place....

^^^ read that again

So it's no wonder that shows like the Biggest Loser aren't holding reunion shows...because in their words:

"we're all fat again"

I've been banging on about the importance of setting goals recently to the 

Lean For Life Starter Kit Subscribers

Not just the fluffy SMART kind either...

BUT the stuff that gets you REALLY thinking. It can be quite uncomfortable actually.

Anyway, here's a question I often get when we set goals:

"But Matt, what's a realistic amount of weight (I prefer to use FAT) loss to expect over 90 days?"

why 90 days?

Well any longer I find it just gets washed away and we end up doing nothing...a bit like those New Years Resolutions where set a goal and give ourselves 12 months to achieve it. It gets to March and we think "ah well, I still got 9 months of the year"...gets to August and it's kind of just washed away and we're in exactly the same position as we were in January!

Now realistic fat loss depends on your current situation.

  • How much body fat do you have?
  • What is your weight?
  • How much training are you willing to commit to?
  • What stage in your life are you at? What are you willing to sacrifice?
  • Do you have a wedding / holiday that you REALLY want to look your best at?

​But here's a general guide for FAT LOSS based on my experience working with other guys who want to maintain muscle and KEEP THEIR METABOLISM as high as possible so they can ditch the belly fat:

Body fat > 30% then you're looking around 1 - 1.5 kg per week

Body fat 21%-29% then you're looking around 0.7 - 1 kg per week

Body fat 15% - 20% then you're looking around 0.5 - 0.8 kg per week

But this all depends YOUR situation... AND NOT what Chris Hemsworth did to get in shape for THOR!!

One thing is for sure, I want you to focus on LOSING FAT and CHANGING YOUR BODY SHAPE...not just body weight​!

Change is hard.

But it becomes a lot more SIMPLE once you admit where you are and what you want.


Because you can then devise a REALISTIC and SUSTAINABLE plan that fits your lifestyle so you actually stick to it!

And as for keeping it off, this really comes down to education. Understand the WHAT and WHY behind your fat loss so you can adjust your strategy and maintain and build on your stronger and fitter physique...unlike the guys on Biggest Loser...

Speak soon,


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