You’re eating too many eggs?

So every now and then

The media love to use eggs a an example of two extremes

One minute they are nature’s multivitamin..

The next?

eggs ‘boosting your risk of heart disease”?

Bit of a ‘yolk’ if you ask me 😉

So I just wanted to bust some myths for you

Just in case you took the headlines from the media a little too seriously…

Because although it found a small increase in heart disease risk if you ate more eggs…

(using a one-off questionnaire asking people about their diet over the last 17 years lol most of us can’t remember what we ate yesterday)

What you need to consider is that fact that it didn’t take into account if they also;


Were stressed?

Didn’t sleep?


Ate vegetables?

How often they had takeaway?


Whether they ate poached eggs on toast 


A greasy fry ups for the local cafe followed by pizza and chips and snickers bar hahha

I could go on…

It’s just another example of how the media can twist things

and confuse the hell out of you…

Especially as other studies have shown no effect on cholesterol when eating up to 6 a day…

Yep, 6 a day….

And…Should we really be focussing on one food?

An egg is almost like a multivitamin tablet with high quality protein.

They also contain vitamin D and vitamin B, which can help boost our immune system and energy levels!

Not to mention they can help keep you full and stop you snacking on those mid-morning biscuits and cakes.

^^^ So in this case, we might be better off with the eggs after all…

And in terms of monitoring our health risks…

Rather than focussing on one food to determine our health, 

we should probably be focussing on excess body fat, particularly when stored around the midsection.

And on that note, 

A recent study showed a “diet” containing 3-4 eggs per day saw reductions in body weight and an improved good cholesterol…

^^^ hahah

PLUS, another study showed that those who ate eggs for breakfast ate fewer calories for the rest of the day without even trying …

suggesting that it may be a good way to help with hunger…


* Some of us may get an increase in cholesterol from eating too many eggs or dietary cholesterol in general

(known as hyper-responders and others don’t)

* They’re cheap, nutritious, satisfying, and a great source of protein

So, have none, have one, have 3, have 4, have 6, have them on weekends…

There are probably more important things to worry about!

Like your sleep, time for you, investment in yourself, fun, exercise habits..

I could go on

Matt ‘egg-noring the small stuff’ Fruci

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