Missing: Pat’s spare tyre (in 4 weeks)

So I got this message from Pat last week

“Was feeling a bit down this morning as I stupidly weighed myself and saw I had put weight on 😱 

however after chatting to a friend she told me to look at a picture of how I used to look, hence the picture (see below for picture). 

Same outfit approx.. 4 weeks apart and I noticed minus a very visible spare tyre. 

I am now beaming and totally feeling great. 

Pat “

So check this…

Pat GAINED weight…

Yet, just check out what she looks like in the photos

4 weeks difference..

And you can clearly see

As Pat said herself

That “she is minus a very visible spare tyre”

Well done, Pat!

But the interesting thing about this? 

Well, what might have happened if

Pat would NOT have looked at photos?

Looked back on her wins?

What she HAS done?

At how she FEELS?

Imagine if she would have given up JUST because of that 1lb…

And I see this so often…

In how we have been programmed to put all of our emphasis on the scales…

(mainly due to slimming clubs…)

Focus on what we didn’t do..

Forgetting that where your attention goes?

Your energy goes…

And the thing about scales

Is that they can fluctuate by time of the month, day, stress, sleep, hayfever, even sunburn…

And even eating some more veggies..

Crazy, right?

That we put so much emphasis on this..

To the extent it dictates how you feel

Which what you do

And the results you get tomorrow..

Imagine if you were just ONE day away from seeing the results you wanted?

But gave up…

What if you were one away?

And this is EXACTLY where our 4 Week Kickstart Programme comes in..

To help you do the things you know you need to do for ONE more day…


1-ACCESS to the RIGHT strategies, coaching, support and guidance from someone that GETS YOU and has produced results time and time again…

2- ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure that you follow through with your commitments and promises (a polite kick up the bum)

3- ASSOCIATION with like minded ladies all looking to be the best version of themselves and find a supportive environment where they feel comfortable 

The good news?

That’s EXACTLY what I’ve put together and created

The 4-Week Summer Kickstart Programme for ladies 40+ that is now open until Sunday

(and it’s at a lower price than what it will be after that..)

The BAD news?

I only have 3 spaces left..

We are very close to capacity 

So I won’t be able to guarantee are start date once these places are gone.

If you’re interested?

message me

And I’ll get you the details 

Matt ‘screw the scales’ Fruci 

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