I offer a ton of FREE content, and I actually love doing it.

Creating the videos, writing blogs, and now my brand new podcast..

It’s what I enjoy doing.

But I know that not everyone who watches the videos, reads my emails, or listens to a podcast

Or reads me book…

Will be interested in what I have to say..

And that’s OK, they may unsubscribe from my stuff.

There is only so far I can go to help you with free information.

(as I know too well from my own experiences)


well because you’re not being held accountable 

If you don’t do the thing you said you would do

There’s no one to provide a polite reminder 

It’s why I work with two coaches myself..

To prevent me going back to my old stories of why I cant do something

And to give me structure so I can see a path to where I want to go

And break this down to simple DAILY habits..

So it becomes a game of ‘did I do it?’

Yes or no..

And It’s the reason I created our  4 Week Kickstart Programme for ladies 40+ who are struggling to get going again or

Just need that structure to gain momentum and get on their way to kickstarting their health and fitness.

(If you are interested in this just message me when you’re ready and I’ll send the details)

is it allows you to work with me on a much closer level.

Accountability, structure, coaching, nutrition, mentoring, training 

working with likeminded ladies 

(The ladies in the group are awesome by the way, 

constantly learning, growing and supporting each other through the good days and the bad days)     

The idea of the programme 

is for you to focus on being 1% better everyday, with me as your coach.

regardless of your fitness level or starting point.


It’s not for someone looking for a quick fix    

But rather

Ladies who are fed up with the dieting trends

Hopping from one thing to another

Lacking confidence in the whole fitness and health stuff

And just a bit bored and frustrated with it all…

Don’t know where to start…

so I can reinstall confidence and purpose.

So you can look and feel better this Summer..

As Mary mentioned last week:

“but the really good news is that I am having to take in the dress I bought last year by about 3 inches!

Very satisfying”

Anyway, our 4 Week Summer Fit Kickstart Programme opens up today for ladies 40+

If you’d like more info?

Just comment below or message me and I’ll get you the details


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