Why you’re always hungry…

In my 7 years in the health and fitness industry (I'm getting on...)

The most common thing I hear from females is: "I can't lose weight".

And I get it.

It's a minefield out there.

But there's many ways to make it happen.

In fact...there's 37 of them here.

The thing is...

Most of them take a bit of time to set up and reap the benefits from.

They require a bit of patience.

But sometimes we just want stuff now.

We look at the rocky road ahead and hope it's the Ben & Jerry's ice cream...

And not the 'work' we have to put in to get there.

Such as...

Choosing nutrient dense foods and optimising our intakes to make us feel full and satisfied so that we don't see the Rocky Road in the freezer...

And feel that 'out of control' urgency to finish the tub.

Something that Simon, a guy I have been working alongside to help raise awareness about diabetes, doesn't have to worry about.

I was speaking with him on Tuesday about eating habits and obesity.

Unfortunately, Simon is now completely blind due to the complications of his diabetes.

As he admits, he didn't control his diabetes.

He didn't take it seriously.

And his mission now is to make sure everyone else does.

Because he's living proof of what can happen if you don't.

But the point I'm getting at here is this:

He mentioned that his dad will often come to visit him and say:

"Simon, you've not eaten any of these yogurts, none of this cheese, and none of this ice cream".

He forgets to eat.

And it goes to show just how much our sight impacts how much we eat.

In fact, one study coloured a white wine with a dye.

And guess what?

The food experts described it using words they would usually use to describe a nice warm, red vino!

So our sight not only impacts when and what we eat...

But also our taste, preferences and experiences with the food.

Most of our food choices actually seem to be based on smell and sight (and previous experiences with the foods)..

And not just "taste".

Ever chewed a sweet whilst holding your nose?

Try it and describe the taste.

Then, eat a sweet as normal and notice the difference as you "smell" the flavour (let's say it's a strawberry jelly baby).

Anyway, this brings me to something called negative dietary displacement.

You know, where you skip the SLICE of cake at lunch time...

And end up eating the WHOLE cake sitting in your fridge later on to make up for it.

Which is exactly why I recommend eating nutrient dense foods for the majority (around 80%) of the time...

Coupled with 20% of your favourite, indulgent foods!

So that you're in control of your senses, avoid the negative dietary displacement, and ditch the 'spare tyre' (as one of my old clients called them) once and for all in a sustainable manner...

And you can learn more about this here in the free trial I'm offering you starting Wednesday 1st June: https://frucifit.com/free7daytrial/

Speak soon,


PS. I've got 2 spaces left for the next trial based either at Blunsdon House Hotel in Swindon or in the Marlborough area

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