This is so obvious, we won’t do it anyway…


Because the most obvious thing to do is often the LEAST 'sexiest' thing to do.

It's 'sexy' and appealing in the dieting world to believe that ONE food is the "baddie".

And that eating no carbs or organic food will solve everything.

^^^ Did you hear Kate Middleton is apparently bringing out her own organic food range?


Once you do the obvious, you'll be unstoppable.

You'll quit worrying about the tiny details.

Developing an unhealthy relationship with food by labelling them as 'good' and 'bad' or 'green' and "reds'

^^^ I did this for years (especially as a recovering anorexic).

And this come from a presentation I gave recently.

I'm always asking for feedback (positive and negative).

Now - as all us humans do - we focus on the negatives.

Despite scoring 5/5 from everyone...

I focussed on the one negative (ish) comment:

"I've heard most of it before"


The most interesting thing?

She wasn't DOING any of it.

7 years of yoyo dieting and struggling to lose weight or even understand the BASICS.

7 years of...

START ---> do 50% --> ditch it for a bigger and better diet ---> START ---> do 50% ---> ditch it for a bigger and better diet....

Shiny object syndrome I believe it's called?

So, how do you overcome this?

Get the basics right, do them well, and ASSESS

Just like Lorraine...

Who sent me a tracking sheet of how she's assessing her progress.

Which quite frankly, blew my system out of the water.

So much so that I questioned my career and thought about going back to doing research at university, allowing the media to twist it, and confuse everyone (more on that another day).

It was simple, easy to use, and - after seeing it, getting her to send it to me, and using it ...


Just about as obvious as having a bespoke nutrition and training programme that's built for your lifestyle, makes you accountable and doesn't have you running around in a gym and eating nothing but slimming shakes and lettuce leaves.

That's if you want sustainable results, of course.

Speak soon,


PS. I had a really interesting conversion with a guy today who is doing his best to inspire others not to make the same mistakes he's made and it got me thinking about the amount of things that makes us eat more. I'll share it with you tomorrow.

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