Pushing the ‘reset’ button and losing weight

"Happy I seem to have reset my weight. Will step it up this week though as now want to lose another 15 lbs"^^^ A message from a client this week (Ashley, who is smashing it by the way).

And it got me thinking about something that's a hot topic right now:

Your body fat set point.

This is / was believed to be the amount of body fat predetermined by your genetics that your body will fight to maintain by decreasing your metabolism, making you irritable, and making you hungry...


HANGRY - as I describe it to my wife (where you're in a mood because you're so hungry).

So our genetics are making you eat more and move less so you put the fat back on and get back to your predetermined body fat set point.

It's the reason why many of us yoyo diet.

You lose some fat doing some slimming club or some shake diet.

But you're hungry, deprived, you sleep rubbish, moody, take it out on the other half, and just WANT SOME FOOD!

You give in and end up piling it back on.

The end result?

We're back to where we were in the first place (or even fatter for 1/3 of us).But what if we can we move this body fat set point?

Just like an old client of mine did (Her names Tam, and she's also smashing it by the way).

Gone are the days of starving herself and in her words:

Spent so long working on my metabolism and nutrition. I now eat a massive amount of food and I don't cut food groups out of my life.

In fact, the latest research shows that we don't have a body fat SET point.

But rather…

A body fat SETTLING point!

And you can push the 'reset' button, get lean and stay lean without giving up any of your favourite foods, too.

Just by learning what works for you and ditching the bingo wings in a SUSTAINABLE MANNER

Sustainable to the extent that after maintaining your new leaner and more shapely figure for a year...

Your metabolism and hunger hormones adjust.

So you're no longer blaming your 'lack of willpower' for not being able to fit into your favourite clothes.

Speak soon,


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