Why Everything You Know About A ‘Low Fat’ Diet Is A Lie…Or Is It?

Why Everything You Know About A 'Low Fat' Diet Is A Lie...Or Is It?

"Eating fat does not make you fat"

"Low fat products should be avoided at all costs"

^^^ The headlines following a report out yesterday.

I got a message on Facebook from a friend, saying:

"Matt, they're finally saying what you've been talking about all of this time".

Yet, I've never said that we should just eat loads of fat.

The thing is, we always want to believe that there's that one silver bullet.

But, what an opportunity for the media to say that:

Eating fat doesn’t CAUSE you to be fat.


Overeating fat can CAUSE you to be fat.

Just like, overeating sugar, carbs, and FOOD can cause you to be fat.

And overeating is all relative to you!

Your lifestyle, your job, and your exercise habits.

So, where does the “fat makes you fat” argument come from?

Well, fat has over double the amount of calories per gram than protein and carbs.

So overeat on fat and you’ll end up eating a lot more energy than you would by overeating on, say, carbs or protein.

Fat is also the least satiating / satisfying nutrient so you may not feel full and OVEREAT.

Put simply, what’s more filling:

A tablespoon of butter


A jacket potato!

So, where does the "fat DOESN’T make you fat" argument come from?

It's often based on the notion that if you eat a balanced diet that prioritises whole foods, including oils, nuts, seeds, and fish (which contain your essential fats needed for good health), as well as lean meats, tons of veggies, fruit, pulses, wholegrains AND the foods you enjoy in portions that reflect your lifestyle (e.g. job, exercise habits...).

As opposed to relying on takeaway, cakes and junk food all day…

Then you’ll probably be less likely to overeat and get fat.

But you knew that anyway.

So instead of arguing about whether fat or sugar is causing everything from diabetes to the unpredictable British weather…

I think we should KISS and make up…






^^^ (in the words of my old PE teacher).

Because just like most things in life.

It comes down to what works for YOU.

Because whether you want to lose weight and improve your health by eating McDonalds (Did you hear about the Science teacher who lost 56 lbs in 180 days eating nothing but McDonalds?)


By eating a diet full of both your favourite foods and wholesome, nourishing foods to give you more energy, confidence, and that summer lean look…

The best diet in the world…

Is the one with your name on that’s built for you!


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PPS. Do you know there's some people out there recommending you put butter in your coffee to burn more fat? My advice? Please don't try this at home!

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