You haven’t lived until…

So, just last week I was told by a lady that

You haven’t lived until you’ve got sick

^^^ combined with dribble and sweat

Running down your top.

She was referring to how many times she’d been out in public with sick all down her top from her kids

And to the fact I was there with my fresh, dry cleaned shirt ready for a wedding

With some ‘milk sick’ from my daughter running down my back

And it reminds me of what they tell you about…

Sweat being “fat leaving your body”

That you have to leave the gym crawling to lose weight

And it’s a shame

Because all they do is stop you from starting

Make you think that you’re “too unfit to start”

That you’ll be the “fattest one there”

That you have to join a gym to ditch the baggy clothes and tone up

Well, I’m here to tell you that there IS a better way

In fact, exercising until you’re crawling out of a gym, dripping with sweat, and “sick”

Is probably the worst thing you can do

Because there’s not a chance you’ll want to do it  all again tomorrow

^^^ Not even your 6 coffees and bottle of wine will get you through it…

And you probably know by now

That the best body transformation programme in the world

Is the one you do!

Which is why I meet you where you’re at in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programmes

Empower you to apply my simple, yet effective nutrition and exercise habits

So you can build your confidence

Ditch the baggy clothes (for good)

And get your “me” time back

All without giving up your prosecco


Worrying about what’s healthy for you and your family

^^^ and what you’re going to do with this chicken you’ve just bought…

I’ve got 2 spaces remaining for a free trial on my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

To see if you’d be a good fit

Apply here >>>>>

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Applications close on Sunday at 730 pm

Matt “living life” Fruci
Helping Busy Mums Get Fit…And Stay Fit Without Crawling Out Of Gyms Or Suffering From Long, Tedious Workouts

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