Nutritionists reveal 5 surprising foods to eat on-the-go

I say “nutritionists” but

I mean me

A Registered Nutritionist with the Association For Nutrition

And NOT one of those self proclaimed ones…

Telling you that you have to ditch your carbs

Give up your afternoon cream tea (or Gelato in my case…)

And cook every, single meal from scratch

^^^ so you feel like you’ve “cheated” on your diet when eating out with friends and family

Even after picking up after the kids…

Tidying up after hubby

^^^ and even packing his clothes for a wedding (guilty as charged…..)

And trying to scrape together a few minutes just to catch up with your emails

Let alone have a bit of “me” time

Because I get that you’re busy

I get that you’re bored of being told that

A healthy snack is “nuts or fruit”

^^ that was literally the only snack one member on my body transformation programme was told she was ‘allowed’ to eat on a “diet” she was on.

Now, I’ve got nothing against “nuts”

I eat them all of the time

But they’re just so easy to overeat

So, here’s 5 snacks I picked up last week when “On the go”

To keep me full up and energised so I don’t have to think about food all day just to tone up (or waste £8 on a toastie…)

1* Popcorn (my beloved) – 

I went for the ProperCorn brand

1 Smooth Peanut and almond flavour

And 2 sweet coconut and vanilla

Did you know I could have 5 of these bags for one 100g bag of “healthy” almonds?

And the truth is

You eat with your eyes (not your stomach)

And if you’re anything like me

Once you open a pack

You finish it!

So these packs of popcorn are pretty handy

To keep you going and stay on track!

2* Cheesestrings

Not my favourite cheese, of course

But that’s all they had

And as for a slow digesting protein to keep me full…

Dairy – in the name of cheesestrings –

gives you this!

3* Peperami / chorizo / beef jerky 

High in protein, so will keep you full up


You could have about 6 of these

For a 100g bag of almonds..

4* Water

Keeping hydrated can help keep you full up

And stop you thinking that you’re “hungry”.

Now, I don’t really like the taste of water (not often you hear a nutritionist say that, right?)

Which is why I went for San Pellegrino (fizzy water)

But if you don’t like fizzy water either

Why not try some sugar free squash?


I’ve got some good news for you …

Coffee has been shown to help curb your hunger (decaf or your regular brew!)

As has tonic water (without the gin, I’m afraid…on this occasion)

5* Chewing gum 

Not only does this allow me to cover my peperami breath

^^^ brownie points with Mrs Fruci

Chewing gum can help you beat your hunger pangs

^^^ as can brushing your teeth


Probably due to the minty taste tryings it’s very best to put you off that rich and creamy chocolate volcano brownie

^^^ I’ll never forget brushing my teeth and then sipping an orange juice as a kid at breakfast time…mint and orange just don’t go!

And that’s it

No SUPERDUPER special “diet” foods


Because they don’t exist

You can literally eat what you want and still tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes

And I’m sorry if I disappointed you

Didn’t give you the “secret” you’ve been looking for

But it’s only because I like to make things simple for you in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programmes 

So you don’t have deprive yourself of your favourite foods

Or eat separately from your friends and family

Just because you’re trying to tone up and lose weight

That’s it for today

Helping Busy Mums Ditch The Diet (And Baggy Clothes) For Good

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