Bikini body at 70 years old?

Did you hear about the 70-year old woman, Carolyn Hartz?

She was showing off her bikini body last week

At 70 years old!!!

^^^ which puts our “I’m too old” excuses well and truly to bed

Her secrets?

1* Mindfulness –

She spoke about “slowing down” when you’re eating

And this is something I get some members in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme to do

By noting down what they’re eating and when

Just THIS alone can stop you from mindlessly picking

And even pinching your kids chocolate biscuits

Especially when you’ve just got back from a long day

To find the house in a mess

And that your hubby didn’t take the bins out …

^^^ “he had ONE job”

2* She understands that quality and QUANTITY of foods are king!

This is where you often go wrong

Thinking that you have to “give up” your favourite, “naughty, but nice” chocolate fingers

And just eat lettuce and “healthy fats” like avocado and nuts

Just to lose weight

But what MAY happen when you do this?

You become frustrated that your jeans aren’t getting any looser

Even though you’re eating “healthy fats” and salads 

And using up all of your willpower by ditching the cream teas

^^^ which makes you crave them even more!!!

So you just blame your “metabolism”

And think that it must be different for you

When – in reality – you’ve not considered that your overall food intake


Quantity COUNTS!

You can drop a dress size eating chocolate mini fingers

Just like you can drop a dress size eating healthy fats and salads

Truth is, a combination of both will probably be the best recipe for you

To keep your new look body and fit into your more fashionable clothes for good (or at least until you’re 70!)

3* She gave up sugar…

I know what you’re thinkin​g

“You just said you can eat chocolate fingers and still tone up”

And you can.

This is actually where the “Registered Nutritionist” in me had to come out and get all sciencey

Because she says she gave up sugar

But then still eats things like rice, gluten free bread and bananas…

Which are ALL converted to SUGAR when in your body

Now, of course

These aren’t “added sugars”

^^^ like those found in fizzy drinks, chocolates, sweets

But they’re still “sugar”

Your body doesn’t discriminate…

That said, foods like fruit, rice and oats do contain fibre

Which could help keep you fuller for longer

And stopping you needing more and more chocolate fingers a few hours later

But – once again – it’s coming back down to QUANTITY!

And Carolyn urges others to consider:

Never deprive yourself of the foods and drinks you love

Just be ​​​​​​careful of ‘portion size’

4* She eats protein with every, single meal

Carolyn hit the nail on the head with this one:

​”It stops the cravings.’​​

And there you have it

The keys to getting your bikini body BACK

Even at the age of 70..

Which begs the question <<< or questions…

Is it really “too late to start”?

Is it really that your metabolism isn’t “as fast as it used to be”?

Are you really any different to the other busy mums who’re enjoying fitting back into their favourite clothes…

Whilst working and – of course – picking up after kids and hubby

^^ which is a full time job in itself!

All through developing a bespoke nutrition and exercise strategy build for you and your lifestyle

^^^ which means you don’t need to join a gym or “give up sugar” to get your bikini body back!

Rather than relying on another cookie-cutter diet

Fit for any Tom, Dick or Harry!

Putting The “U” Back Into Nutrition

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