You are what you…digest?

I don’t even know what we are anymore.

I mean, we’re made up of more bacteria than human cells

So, I guess we’re all bacteria?

So, good morning to you, my fellow bacteria.

How are you feeling?



Well, your answer to the above could play a pretty big role in how much weight you lose and gain!

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showed that:

Children and teenagers that are obese have a different make up of bacteria in their guts.

To be more precise…

They found 8 common bacterias that were associated with being obese and NOT with being lean.

The bacteria associated with being obese were also more efficient at digesting carbs (which could then lead to excess fat storage)

The researchers suggested that if we see these types of bacteria present, certain diets could be formulated to help ‘reverse’ or prevent a lifelong struggle with weight gain!

Now, before you blame your gut bacteria for being overweight and just open up the tin of biscuits, we have to consider the following:

1) Your gut bacteria can be changed by your diet (it is not set in stone).

2) It is unclear whether obese people are predisposed to have higher numbers of these fat promoting bacteria or they are just caused by overeating / too many carbs?

And on this subject, Dr Santoro, concluded:

“A diet high in carbohydrates might favour the growth of fermenting bacteria and favour the accumulation of extra energy in the form of body fat”

^^^ Interesting hypothesis. And that’s all it is at this stage. A hypothesis!

Because there are sooooo many factors that impact why some people have a hard time losing weight and others can’t seem to stuff enough chocolate down their throats without getting fat.

And this is more important to consider for females. 

Because you females have it harder than males when it comes to losing the weight (evil laugh…)

And I talked about this and what to do about it in this weeks VIP seminar (which members on my Fit For Life Body Transformation programme get access to every week) 

And I’ll explain a bit about why tomorrow (because I’ve had a ton of questions since)

Speak tomorrow,


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