‘No more Rennies’

^^^ and this is what it’s all about.

Because what you assess, you can manage.

Even when Rosie has felt ‘yuck’


Had periods when she ‘feels fat’ 

^^^ Which is interesting because have you ever noticed that you either feel ‘lean and toned’ or ‘yuck and fat’? There’s no in-between, right? Human nature?

She’s learnt from these experiences and adapted her diet accordingly to find the exact types of foods that work for her.

And this isn’t easy. 

It’s certainly not for everyone. 

It means you DO have to spend a bit of time assessing how you feel.

Tracking the different foods you’ve eaten.


If you’re willing to:

Take the bumpy road, narrow road that sends you to diversion after diversion (which could even seem as bad as Bruce Street Bridges in Swindon, at times. OK, maybe not that bad)

Causing the road-rage of all road-rage after you feel like you’ve done everything right but put on a pound on the dreaded scales (even though you may have actually lost inches from your waist)

^^^ forgetting that you may not have pooped, may have ate additional salt, just eaten too much, not drank enough water, ate later the night before, may not have slept well, are stressed, are experimenting with types of foods, have decreased your exercise, and / or are going through a particular stage of your menstrual cycle)

And do the work…

You too, might just:

* Improve your sleep

* Overcome heartburn, indigestion and tummy troubles

* Lose weight and – more importantly – lose fat!

* Have more fuel in the tank

* Have healthier looking nails and hair

* And know the exact types of foods that work for you

All by becoming accountable and following an evidenced-based, yet flexible nutritional strategy that accounts for your lifestyle, food preferences and goals so you can get more energy, be in control of your hunger, and build a nutritional strategy that allows you to accommodate for different social situations and different periods of your life depending on what YOU really want to achieve.

Happy hump day!

Best wishes,


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