Why females have a harder time losing weight

But you females have a harder time than us males losing weight 

And – in my opinion – a part of this is due to:

1) You’re more likely to think that you need to just run on a treadmill to lose weight as opposed to resistance based exercise 

2) You’re scared of eating too much protein and fat just in case you get ‘too muscley’ (I’ve been trying for years to get ‘too muscle’…I’ve now given up!)

But another KEY reason is because:

Females are built to prolong the human race. 

^^^I only learn this a few months ago when I found out that my wife was pregnant. 

So to prolong the human race and reproduce, females are built for survival. 

Hence, you have an easier time storing body fat


when you diet and / or eat less / move more

your body responds more quickly than a males body would with regards to:

* Making you feel hungry

* Making you subconsciously move less

* Making you feel deprived and low in energy / be in a bad mood

Of course, this happens to males as well. 

But to a lesser extent (evil laugh)

Males also burn more calories (because we are generally bigger and have more muscle) which means females have to exercise for longer to do burn the same number of calories (another evil laugh…)

Now, before you pick up your ithing, throw it at the wall and head for the fridge…

Just consider that there is a ton of variance within this.

The number of calories you burn when exercising, dieting or resting could vary by 100 calories compared to your friend who lost more weight than you ‘doing the same damn diet’.

And it’s why a big part of my philosophy is building your diet from the bottom up to help you understand how you respond to different amounts and types of food and exercise over time to blunt these effects, curb your hunger and get you into you feeling more confident in your favourite clothes.

Now, on top of this, the menstrual cycle and the menopause also play a role here. 

For example, you may crave more carbs in your pre-menstrual phase.

But in actual fact…

Your ability to handle carbs during this phase may actually be decreased, making you prone to store more fat if you overeat them

Your energy and recovery may also be hampered. 

And these are just some of the tactics I talked about in this weeks VIP seminar (which you can get access to by enrolling on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme):

‘Why women have it harder when trying to lose weight and what you can do about it’

This is something I’ll also be covering in more detail in my new book and course:

‘Female Fat Loss Mastery’

^^^ Launching soon!

Which shows you:

* The fat loss fundamentals that females have to consider to lose weight and keep it off

*The exact protocol I use to optimise your gut health and identify the foods that are making you bloated, tired, and fat

* How to eat and exercise around your menstrual cycle and the menopause so you can stop beating yourself up for craving carbs and feeling tired

* The types of foods to fill your cupboards with so you’re not relying on ‘low fat’, ‘low sugar’, and green ‘traffic light’ symbols on food packaging to know whether the food is going to help you lose weight

* How to optimise your sleep so you better control how your body handles sugar and fat and have more energy so you can be more productive with your day

* The types of foods (and strategies) that help you feel full and stop the coffee and cake cravings at 323pm

* My favourite recipes to help you stay on track, losing weight, and getting lean so you can ENJOY your food again

* PLUS, you’ll receive recordings from my VIP seminars on female fat loss, how to eat more to lose weight, and strategies to enjoy your social events (including Christmas) and still lose weight 

To learn more, go here and be the first to find out about the release, go here: https://frucifit.com/fatlossmastery/

Speak soon,

Matt ‘just a little excited’ Fruci

PS. Do you have any questions about Female Fat Loss Mastery?

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