Only eat carbs if you run faster?

So me and the wife were watching Confessions of the Paparazzi the other evening

And this line from one of the journalist sums up what I’m about to say:

“Where did they get the story from? I don’t know.  It’s just another load of $#*!”

And as someone who battled with an eating disorder growing up…

Hearing one member on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme ask me whether:

“you’re still allowed to eat carbs if you don’t run fast…”

Does worry me a little.

I mean, just saying that promotes that FOOD = REWARD cycle

And the ‘good’ / ‘bad’ beliefs about different foods

^^^ Which make you feel super guilty for opting for that brownie in Costa even though it has the same calories as one of those ‘natural bars’ full of ‘natural sugars…

Which is probably one of the reasons why you keep falling back into the old..

Deprive yourself >>> lose weight >>> binge >>> feel guilty and hopeless >>> blame willpower >>> start diet again Monday…CYCLE.

Now, she asked me because a friend of hers was doing a new diet plan and this is what she had been told to do.

^^^ whilst the member on my Fat Loss Mastery programme could literally eat any food she liked…including bacon sarnies 🙂

She also mentioned that this same friend had done dry January and sugar-free February…

Yet…had put ON weight since Christmas.

Now, it’s great that they are DOING something…

Be it cutting out sugar or just moving

Because at least if you’re doing something, you’re doing more than you were, right?

But here’s the thing

You do NOT have a weight loss problem 

In fact, the whole of the UK does NOT have a weight loss problem.

I can guarentee that you’ve been on a diet before and lost weight

The problem?

Keeping the weight off.

And this is exactly why I work with you to develop a nutritional strategy that meets you where you’re at

That allows you to eat the foods you enjoy and that the whole family love (so you don’t have to eat separately)

That allows you to eat on-the-go, enjoy a latte, and a slice of cheesecake

Because the best diet in the world is the one you do.

Now, only eating carbs when you ‘run fast’ could help you lose weight

Not by anything magical

But simply because it make you simply move more

And – potentially – eat less when you don’t exercise.


Could only eating carbs when you ‘run fast’ make you gain weight?



Because both you and me are pretty rubbish at estimating how much energy we’ve burned off through exercise

I mean, you could have been shopping all day, running after your kids, cleaning etc. and burnt more calories than…

If you’d have gone to the gym and done a run

Yet…how might you feel after the run?

Exhausted so you move less?

Like you deserve a ‘treat’?

Mega excited that you’re ALLOWED those carbs you’ve deprived yourself of?

And these thoughts can often trigger you to overcompensate and eat more than you would have…

Which COULD explain why despite your good intentions…

You’re struggling to lose weight and keep it off.

And this is exactly why in Fat Loss Mastery we adopt an approach that says:

If you can’t see yourself doing it in 3 months, 6 months or even 12 months…

You’re probably setting yourself up for failure…AGAIN!

And I know you want to be toned, waking up with more energy and fitting back into your favourite clothes…2 weeks ago

But how is what you are doing honestly working for you?

Because our approach seems to be working for our amazing members here

And if you’re seriously ready to put a end to your yoyo dieting and build a nutritional strategy for YOU that fits your lifestyle .

Then you might be a good fit for my Fit Mum Body Transformation Challenge

Which I’ll be going public with tomorrow


PS. I’m only taking on 10 ladies for this Fit Mum Body Transformation Challenge so if you want to find out more about this opportunity before anyone else..

hit reply with ‘yes’​​​

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