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NHS, tax and Brexit (blame Kathy?)

As well as Santa claus , gingerbread lattes and Quality Street

You’d do very well to avoid any election talk…

NHS, taxes, Brexit..I could go on…

The best part of all of this?

Well, you can blame Kathy (one for the ladies inside our Fit For Life programme who’s just coming up to losing 1/5 of her body weight 

(And reducing her blood pressure medication 👏👏)

You see, something that comes up a lot is how you fit this exercise stuff into your lifestyle.

I mean, ideally the ladies come to our 30 minutes sessions

But if that’s not possible? 

They can do our home workouts (which are 5, 10 or 20 minute sessions)

Or even our daily song challenge (about 3 minutes long)

To help get you on the mindset of doing “something” rather than “all or nothing”…

But sometimes, the ladies come up with some pretty time efficient workouts..

Cassie coming up with the “hanging up your washing” workout –

It went something like this: 10 squats for hanging up a T shirt, 5 push ups (knees or against the wall all good) for socks, and hold a squat for 20 seconds for jumpers   

And then Kathy inspired the 2019 Election workout:

Put the news on.

Then, every time you hear:  

“Brexit”- do 10 squats (here’s a demo video:

“NHS” – do 10 push ups (knees or against the wall all good, here’s a demo video:

“Tax” – do 10 shoulder taps (knees or against the wall all good, here’s a video demo:


Because the most important part of this?

Getting started today!

And it might seem hard today…

So start small.

Be honest with how long this might take…

And just focus on being 1% better each day.

Just like Caroline did:

“Hi Matt! Just did the Lydiard Park run in Swindon! First one! Horrible day but it didn’t matters would never have coped unless I had done the classes so huge Thank


Kept hearing you say ‘It’s You versus Your and one last push! Can’t believe how well I did as running isn’t my thing”

And this all started with a few squats and some boxing 🥊/ punching me 😂 

Small habits, compound effect 

Which is exactly what our December and January kickstart is about 

If you want to try it free in December and get a head start rather than leave it all until January?

Message me with “Devizes”, “Marlborough” or “Burbage” and I’ll get you the relevant details.

Matt-ifesto- Fruci