Woman dies from eating high protein diet?

Did you see the story in the media recently about a who unfortunately died with a rare genetic disorder?

This rare genetic stops you from breaking down protein….

So how did the media report this?

By saying- and I quote –

“A WEST Australian woman was killed by a strict diet of protein supplements, shakes and egg whites.”

Which makes you think what?

That protein kills you, right?

And it frustrates me that the media are able to provide such misleading information.

How about we educate everyone about the fact she had a rare genetic disorder rather than spread misleading information about protein, supplements or any food for that matter?

Because more than not, it’s actually NOT what you’re eating.. But why you are eating!

^^^ read that again​​ 

And it comes back down to being critical of everything you read and hear. Assume they know nothing…even me!

Because imagine if you “believed” misleading information and then your beliefs which govern what you do each day and who you become…turned out to have no relationship with real life?

It’s why I give out so much information to you to use and – most importantly – APPLY (as you only get results for DONE).. To help you find what works for YOU, question your “beliefs” that may be holding you back and to help you make better-informed decisions about they way you think about this diet and toning up game.

So, ask yourself this:

Are​​ your beliefs serving you or holding you back? Where do you need to challenge them to get the things you say you want?

Matt (ANutr, MSc, BSc)

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