Should you give up your diet and start again?

I wiped her face and hair clean. Only to then notice it was all over the packet of baby wipes. So I wiped the packet of baby wipes clean with a baby wipe…only for my daughter to then put her Greek yoghurty and avocado-filled hands all over the packet, her hair, table and ME again..which made me realise that to get to the root cause of this I needed to clean her hands first..

And it reminded of something I get a lot:

“I’ve tried Weight Watchers, calorie counting, Slimming World, Smoothies, low carb, low fat, gluten free…I lose weight but I end up putting it back on and more”

The main problem here?

We’re going round and round in circles and jumping straight to the next shiny object (or avocado and yoghurty mess in my case), forgetting the fundamental principle behind every single diet that helps you lose fat and keep it off…

It has to fit your lifestyle, work / social life, and food preferences so you can consistently control your food intake AKA DO IT!

You see, in a recent study of all studies, there was ZERO difference in weight loss between low fat or low carb diets providing that they:

1* Ate the same amount of energy from food

2* Ate the same amount of PROTEIN

And however you achieve the above is down to you, your social life and the foods you enjoy.

Enjoy your cheese? Go ahead and eat it.

Love your pasta? Go for it!

Just tweak and adapt it as you go and NEVER forget the root cause of FAT LOSS…

No magic foods… no secrets…

Just a nutritional strategy that fits your lifestyle, doesn’t BAN prosecco, and gives you the flexibility to have a social life and STILL fit back into your favourite clothes.

Which is exactly what we do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme.

Is it that simple? YES.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You see, I get that you know what to do. But that “inner demon” keeps holding you back. Which is exactly why we focus on small, sustainable changes you can instantly action so you can get your confidence back, gain that momentum and take back control of your relationship with food once and for all.

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