Winning tactics for the ‘office cake and party rings’ culture

“I’m so rubbish. Everyone’s bringing in cakes at work. I had one. And then I had some party rings.”

^^ if I had a party ring for every time I heard that one

Truth is – and as Members on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme discover – it’s not actually the cake in itself that’s making us gain the pounds..

But actually our “belief” that this is a “bad” food and that by having some cake, you’ve failed, and you might as well eat whatever and start again on Monday. And the quicker you accept that this “belief” impacts whether you do the things you say you need to do to get the things you say you want? The quicker you’re going to develop a nutritional strategy to last and get your body back for good.

You see, you’re never going to live a life where you have no holidays, no birthdays, or avoid the ever present “every day is cake day” office culture…oh and can I mention Christmas, yet?

We eat to live….

BUT.. We also eat when we’re happy. We eat when we’re tired and stressed. We eat when we’re bored. We eat when we SEE or SMELL certain foods. We also eat when others are eating.

^^^ And it seems it’s for these reasons that those with jobs where you sit a lot tend to not only move less and burn less calories, but have a reduced ability to adjust their food intake and end up eating MORE than those with more active jobs.

I get that it’s difficult. Even from working in the NHS and Public Health…there’s cake around in offices and staff rooms. And you’ve probably heard me mention before about how my wife likes to test me by leaving coconut Lindt chocolate out on the side…

But our friends in lab coats may be on to something because research shows that doing any of the following may help you take back control of your eating habits once and for all:

* Exercise – It not only improves the way you handle food but  could reduce your hunger levels. Or perhaps it sets you up for the day and gives you more energy / shifts your mindset? Takes time out of your day so there’s less time for you to think about food? Delays breakfast if you’re doing it first thing in the morning so your eating window is shorter?

* Only eat out of crockery rather than the packet – This can prevent you from overeating (You know, the SEEfood diet) and help you lose fat

* Use a smaller plate / bowl / cutlery can make you spontaneously serve less << but don’t go too small…as then you may actually eat more to justify that you ‘used such a small plate’ AKA I’m not saying go eat your dinner off of a saucer 😉

*​​​ Bring in other snack options for the 323pm cake crash fruit, greek yoghurt, smoked salmon, crudiet or – as some members on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme have done – take in some of my banana bread and super simple dessert recipes in from our nutrition system.

* And THE most effective in my opinion? Structure your meals so they are filling, nutritious and tasty…and then give yourself UNCONDITIONAL PERMISSION to eat any food you like (even party rings) providing you fit it in to your nutrition strategy (just like I show you using the Fruci Fit Meal Maker in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme)

And these are just a few super simple strategies you can use straight away to take back control so you can stop blaming your willpower and thinking that a bit of cake means you’ve failed…

Just like I show you in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme.

Imagine if next time you eat a “bad” food you didn’t self sabotage the rest of your week? Made better-informed, more intelligent decisions about your food and training choices?

What would be different for you? Would you be closer to your body transformation goals? Wake up with more energy? Be more productive? Have more confidence? Who would you be?

Matt “lord of the party rings” Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently And Get Their Bodies Back For Good

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