Don’t make this rookie dieting mistake…

Want to know one of the biggest mistakes I see busy ladies make when starting a diet? You might want to brace yourself for this because it’s probably not what you’ve heard before about banning ‘naughty, but nice’ foods and the subtle and bubbly charms of prosecco…

It’s assuming that all of your progress is dictated by the number on the scales (which I have spoken about before here

From years of helping tons of others lose FAT, tone up, get fitter and fit back into their favourite clothes, I’ve noticed a common theme:

The focus shifts from ‘thinner to fitter’. Here’s what I mean. They tell me at the start that they want to ‘lose weight, tone up and drop a few dress sizes but nothing has worked in the past”.  

Which is all well and good and is exactly what I empower you to do in My Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme. …BUT what do I mean by this shift in focus from thinner to ‘fitter’?

Well, let’s imagine I set you a goal of attending 2 of our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Sessions per week at 7am. To be up and ready at this time, you may now have to:

1) Potentially be in bed earlier so you can have a good nights sleep and have more energy the next day – You may have started a new routine to help you do this, be it avoiding caffeine after 4pm, eating earlier, avoiding too much fluid before bed so you’re not up in the night, having a bath or just taking some time for YOU. Habit 1 added in 🙂

2) Ensure you have the appropriate food and nutrition to recover and energise yourself for the day so you‘re not falling asleep and living off of coffee from 323pm or feeling guilty for doing so well all day only to blame willpower for eating 3 slices of the cake your colleague brought into work as opposed to 1Habit 2 added in 🙂

3) Require LESS willpower to exercise as it’s done before you have time to talk yourself out of it by coming up with ‘stories’ that justify why you can’t do it. Habit 3 added in 🙂

4) Be more mindful and slow down when eating on-the-go as you’ll be using my accountability system and will become 100% responsible for your results This may mean that you only eat whilst sitting down? Only eat out of crockery as opposed to out of the packet? Have a fruit bowl out on the side in your kitchen as opposed to cereal (this can help you lose up to 10lbs in a year…)? Habit 4 added in 🙂

And I could go on…

Can you see how this powerful shift in your mindset enables you to build in simple new habits into your life? As opposed to worrying about all of the things you -wrongly in my opinion – ‘believe’ you have to give up to lose weight and tone up (yep…if you believe you can’t lose weight eating curry…check out Mijan’s transformation at the bottom of this page)

And I get that you probably don’t like fitness and exercise. 

In fact, because of what you see out there in gym, you probably hate it and are scared by it, especially when asked to do in front of others (something I get a lot from ladies in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme)

And it’s why we make the workouts a little bit different, focussing on YOU vs YOU and shifting you away from placing all of your self worth on the judgements of others <<< which is crazy, right?

Because when you progress. Close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, no matter how small, day by day? That’s when the magic happens!

It’s not about…

“sweat is fat crying” <<< heard that one before?

It’s about consistently showing up and aiming to be better than you were yesterday…

Understanding that no one can make you do it but no one can STOP you doing it.

Which is exactly what my Weekly Battle Plans and Accountability system ensure you DO…


By making this toning up stuff a game of YOU vs YOU 🙂 Shifting your mindset from ‘weight’ to being stronger, more confident, fitter, and empowered to build a nutrition and training strategy that get you your body back for good…

And the results?

Take a look at some of the ladies here and have a little look in the mirror along the way 😉

Matt ‘Scientifically debunking the sweat is fat crying myth’ Fruci
Fruci Fit
The Body Transformation Programme Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently ​​​​

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