“I’ll try and fit it in”

“You don’t want to use that boat, you’ll never finish it’…1 day later…”You should use that boat as you can then get your paddling, right” 

^^ At this point, I felt pretty confused and overwhelmed about which boat to use to kayak from Devizes to Westminster in next year..even found myself looking for excuses in my head: ‘I’m different as I haven’t got much experience kayaking, plus with the baby and work it’s going to be hard’.

And this brings me to the  #2 mindsets that are holding you back… It’s probably  for these reasons that we’re now in 2017, we have more information available to us than ever,  yet we are more confused than ever…

1) You think it’s different for you: And I get this one. Because- I too – feel myself using this. Works busy. I’m on baby duty. “where did the hours go?’. 

But is it really any different for me or you? Who else lives a life without ‘stress’? 

And here’s the thing, I only ‘don’t have time for it’ when I haven’t put it in my diary. Why? Because It’s if it’s not in a diary, of course I have no idea where my time’s gone. And if we don’t know where our time has gone? We’ll always be time poor. 

It’s why a big shift in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme is showing you how to prioritise you. Because if you don’t? Someone else will do it for you and you won’t do the things you say you need to do to get the things you say you want.

2) “I’m not bothered” – You know when you keep saying you’re not bothered about something but you really are? << a bit like me attempting DIY the other week and failing miserably…

And the only way I’ll get better at it? 


^^^ notice I said ‘doing’ and not ‘thinking’?​​

Be it my DIY skills, kayaking or your mission to level up your energy, tone up and fit back in to your favourite clothes.

You only get results for DONE.

Just like we do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme with the support and accountability from like-minded ladies and a Registered Nutritionist (me) to get the transformational results once and for all that you want.

Want to see if it’s for you?  You can apply for a 7-day free trial by going here:


But I have 3 spaces left

Fruci Fit

PS. here’s 2 messages I got the other week from members:

“I really enjoyed it again. I much prefer to forget I’m exercising because I’m having fun”

And this one really made me laugh…

“I thought you might like to know that this morning I thought it was Wednesday and I got into an absolute tiz as it was after 7 and I thought I had missed the moment. I  who would rather stay in bed with a cup of tea and play candy crush was almost in tears at having missed a session. Wow! 😊”


PPS. Get started: https://frucifit.com/myseptember/


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