Your willpower won’t save you from this

I was in M & S the other day 

You’ve got clothes line after clothes line with photoshopped hunks and ladies showing off their ‘so it seems’ perfect lives 

^^^ Which makes me and you feel like $#*! and head to the cafe for yet another flat white just to feel alive (I was only in there to use the loo…and ended up questioning whether I was bearded enough to deserve my wife and whether this nice fitted suit would turn me into the best dad in the world <<< I joke...

Anyway….on my travels to find the loo

I found some dark…dingy…stairs that wouldn’t look out of place in an old abandoned hospital. 

You see, you can take the escalator, stay in the shop, smell the beautiful coffee, stay warm, listen to Bastille, and gaze into the eyes of the models showing you what you could have….

Or take the stairs by walking ‘outside’ the shop to the cold, dingy stairs (where there’s no Bastille and no smell of coffee…just the smell of ‘damp’)

Do you get where I’m going with this?

You wonder how the pounds have crept on over the last few years

Forgetting how your environment has completely changed

Making you burn LESS calories


Is this really why we’re piling the pounds on and blaming the ‘slow metabolism’?

I mean, we know that not having to wash our clothes by hand, milk the cows, and do much manual labour HAS made us burn less calories


it turns out that you can’t out exercise a bad diet anyway

And the latest research seems to show this

You see, rats love exercising

So in the first study they gave rats access to as much food as they liked

But half of them had access to ‘treadmills’

YET…they still got fat

Even with all the running in the world

And studies with REAL PEOPLE then followed this…

Put a vending machine full of Dairy Milks, Custard Creams, and Pringles in a hospital ward

And you’ll eat more 

^^^ In some cases, researchers created environments that made people eat 77% more 

Go to a buffet with a variety of different foods…and you’ll eat more

Put food an arms length away compared to 6 feet away and you’ll eat more

Stuff yourself with savoury food…and I guarantee you still can’t say to no that ambrosial chocolate cake with scrumptious strawberries drowning in the luscious chocolate fountain :-))))

Food has just become so convenient for us that no amount of willpower or exercise can really save you 

Which is exactly why spending just 5-10 minutes per week…

To plan your meals ahead and make it SIMPLE to make better informed, more intelligent decisions about what you eat every day

Is one of the first things you get nailed down in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Because once you do this

You can stop blaming your ‘willpower’ for piling the weight back on

Get more energy, ditch the reliance on caffeine to get you through the day and stop worrying about whether your diet is ‘healthy’ enough (because who cares if you’re feeling more confident in your favourite clothes)

Matt ‘no willpower’ Fruci

PS. ​​Here’s a quick ‘snack blocker’ for you…put foods away in the cupboard and only leave foods out on the side that make you ‘work’ to eat them (e.g. you have to peel an orange / crack a walnut)​​​

PPS. Here’s the link to apply for Female Fat Loss Mastery:

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