I know I shouldn’t but I often skip breakfast

Why shouldn’t you ever skip breakfast?

I mean…

Kellogg’s will say it boosts your metabolism 

Shreddies will claim to keep you locked up until lunch 

And Weetabix throw a bit more protein in to get you excited

Now, let’s put this to bed (at least until breakfast) once and for all

^^^ so you stop feeling guilty, thinking you’ve failed and apologising for skipping breakfast…

Eating increases your metabolism …FULL STOP

Be it at breakfast, lunch or dinner

Or whether you have “breakfast” at 5am, 7am, 9am or 12pm

Your metabolism increases

But not in the way you probably think

You see, in the context of a diet where the total food is the same…

^^^ Be it from 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 meals a day

The calories (or fat) that you burn at rest (your metabolism) will be pretty much the same.


Your weight loss will not be impacted 

^^^ even if you drink a detox tea (unless it sends you to the loo for the day)

Subconsciously, will eating breakfast make you move more and burn more?

Potentially, yes 

Will you be in “starvation mode”, eat more later and put on a load of fat later when you eat?


If you’re up at 6am, getting the kids ready, doing jobs, not hungry and barely have time to sit


Have a bit more time at 9am, 10am or even 12pm

Planning or preparing something to eat or take with you for then is perfectly fine 

You’ll be more mindful and can sit and enjoy it

^^^ just don’t leave it so you’re walking through the High Street trying every cake from the Food Gallery, Cafe Nero and Waitrose 

What do I do?

I SOMETIMES have breakfast 

I SOMETIMES don’t have breakfast 

The stress of worrying about eating little and often to ditch the fat

Will probably drain your energy and willpower so much that you’ll binge and keep living off caffeine…

Which is exactly why everything you need has to be built for your lifestyle!

And that’s all we do in my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

Matt “rather have a bowl of coco pops” Fruci

PS. I’m not saying breakfast is bad…I’m just saying it’s not a matter of life or death 

PPS. Will exercising on an empty stomach help you burn more fat?

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