This used to make me cry every time

Mrs Fruci enjoys her spag bowl as much as the rest of us

And with a demanding baby who loves a good feed every 3-5 hours

It’s just as well

Because bolognese is a quick and simple meal that once prepared…

Can do us for days

^^^ Spag bowl, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed peppers, Bolognaise omelettes…you name it…super quick, nutritious and versatile!

Now, Mrs Fruci might not appreciate my onion breath (she can smell it a mile off)

But ditching the onions from a bolognese is like having a fry up without the bacon (it doesn’t happen…in my house anyway ;-)…)

So she has to put up with this

PLUS…the fact they bring tears to my eye every time I cut them…Or DID!

Until I learnt these little hacks to stop me crying:

1) Use a sharp knife – this ensures the enzymes are not released as you cut through the onion rather than crush it

2) Put the onions in the freezer before cutting them for 10 mins or so.

3) Cut your onion near the steam from your kettle

What’s this got to do with this weight loss and toning up game?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a constant struggle for you

You don’t have to go on a ‘detox’ (unless you want to lose a load of water weight rather than the apron)

you don’t have to ditch all of your prosecco (or bacon)

You don’t have to drink green smoothies morning, noon and night

You don’t have to give up your coffee

You don’t have to be so sore ALL OF THE TIME that it’s a struggle to get off the loo every day

And you don’t have to spend hours exercising every day

^^^ That’s as long as you exercise PRODUCTIVELY and don’t confuse how long you exercise with how ‘good’ it is for ditching the bingo wings 

Now, I’m not saying it’s easy

Because – as you know – it’s not

But the key part of all of this?


I mean, think about how many people have said ‘I’ll do it on Monday’ (that sounded a bit weird)

Or ‘diet starts Monday’

You see, it’s easy to say this on a weekend

But when ‘real life’ mode kicks in

You can’t stick to it

Because you thought your plan had to make you ‘cry’ for it to be effective 

But just like I’ve learnt with my onions…

There’s often a better way

A way that fits YOUR lifestyle

So that even on your WORST week

On a rainy, windy Wednesday

You could do it

because when it comes to losing weight, fitting back into your favourite clothes and having more energy…

Half assed is better than no-assed

^^^ As you only fail if you STOP​​​

​​And when you actually enjoy what you do…

Or understand exactly WHY you’re doing what you’re doing

It’ll involve a lot less tears​​​​​​

Matt ‘cry baby’ Fruci

PS. In the words of Craig David, it’s 7 days until the 14-Day Lean Up Challenge kicks off in Female Fat Loss Mastery

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