Willpower, failing on a diet, and spaghetti wheatballs

I was chatting to a new member of my body transformation programme the other day

She decided to go vegetarian recently

^^^ Which my nutrition system does cater for with tons of meal ideas and tactics to help you if that’s your thing

And she sent me a picture of a veggie dish in a restaurant the other day:

“Spaghetti wheat balls”

And I loved this play on words

^^^that’s why she sent it…she knew I’d do a blog on it

But ultimately…

It’s not the real thing

Despite their effort to make it look and sound like it is

What’s this got to do with you, blaming willpower, and yoyo dieting?

Glad you asked!

Well, you often feel better if you “look like you’re winning”

You know, banning sugar

Drinking nothing but smoothies

Giving up your favourite foods

And even though you’re still not getting the results you want

^^^ can you keep the weight off whilst still enjoy a piece of cake at your kid’s birthday party (as a member mentioned to me last week)?

It makes you feel better because it “feels hard”

And this is where I see many ladies go wrong when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off…

You see, it’s easy to be “extreme in moderation”

^^^ read that again

Compared to be “moderate in moderation”

Because it’s boring and unsexy

You don’t have to blame gluten

You don’t have to ditch white carbs

You CAN have the freedom to eat the “normal” foods you and your family enjoy

Whilst still ditching the love handles and feeling more confident in your favourite clothes

And not only are the ladies who’ve used the principles i teach you in Fat Loss Mastery achieving amazing (and LASTING) results

This is backed up by the guys and gals in lab coats too

Because even though there was no difference in weight loss over 12 weeks between people on strict rigid meal plans (where they could only eat certain foods)

And flexible diets where they had the freedom to eat the foods they wanted

Over 75% said if they were to carry on they’d choose to do the flexible “diet” where they have the freedom to eat what and when they want


Because they said they would be able to stick to it

I mean, What happens when you deprive yourself of creme eggs?

You want them more right?

And it’s why nothing is off the menu in Fat Loss Mastery

Because if you can’t see yourself doing what you’re doing in 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 2 years

Are you setting yourself up for failure?


And this is probably personal to you

You might feel that you prefer to go without for 3 days and then enjoy yourself for a few days at the weekend when you’re more social

If it’s your thing, it’s your thing

And this is something we go over in your 1 to 1 body and mindset transformation coaching session with me

So you can build a nutritional strategy that levels up your energy, improves your sleep and leaves you ditching the baggy clothes for good

Which is exactly what we do in Fat Loss Mastery 

And applications close on Sunday at 730pm


Matt “wheatballs” Fruci

PS. If you’re doing something now and it’s working for you…keep doing it

But if you’re frustrated with wasting time and money on the stuff that just isn’t work for you and your lifestyle

^^^ like your “wheatballs”

You can see if you’re a good fit for my body transformation by going here:

And if you want to know if it’s he real deal AKA the “spaghetti and meatballs”

Just take a look at what some of the ladies have said about it


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