will this definitely work for me?

I did a video on this yesterday as this comes up a lot.

You can watch it here

The interesting part is though, is that a lot of the time we don’t know what “worked” actually means

Does this mean showing up to exercise every week in a routine?

Does this mean losing 3lbs in your first week?

Does this mean losing a stone and keeping it off long-term?

Does this mean getting stronger and fitter and doing things you never thought you could do?

Does it mean feeling like you have more energy, your health is better, maybe your immune system feels better?

You see, there are countless ways to measure your progress, and if you look for different wins along the way, you will probably keep going for long enough to see the results you want

Here are just some examples:


Check out how Pip went from struggling with her back & knee to 5 push ups (before her 70th birthday) & Hyrox https://youtu.be/HbJz0Bzfr6w 

And also how Mary went from struggling to get up and down from the floor to Hyrox https://youtu.be/9z2XiNFTlos 

How Jos went from feeling low and out of breath to 2 stone down, stronger & having fun doing so, even with a knee replacement sandwiched inbetween  

Our next kickstart opens up after Easter…

Message me with “kickstart” and we will get you the details 


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