“I’ve failed F it, might as well start again tomorrow”

It’s Easter Week..

And this has come up a few times already (see image)

“I’ve failed 😞 F it, might as well start again tomorrow”

“Write off the day”

“Tomorrow is a new day”

We feel guilty.

Make promises about tomorrow.

And find ourselves – often – repeating the same process.

But what if it was actually your thoughts about the “thing” rather than the “thing” itself which means you’ve failed?

Take this for example:

1) you have a so-called “healthy” breakfast biscuit and think “I’m being good”. So by saying “I’m being good”, you get your steps in and make food choices with your snacks

2) you have a hot cross bun and think “f it” I’ve failed, it’s off plan, I have now willpower”. You now confirm this statement by not getting your steps in and make poor food choices with your snacks, promising to start again tomorrow.

The moment you make the statements “I’ve failed” / “F it” / “I’ve messed up”, is the moment you often give yourself permission to “fail”…

So 3 questions for you to ask yourself to change the way you feel so you can think differently and do the things you know you need to do:

1) Next time you say “I’ve failed”, ask yourself ”is it true? Can you 100% know for sure?

2) How do you feel when you believe you’ve “failed”?

3) How do you feel when you don’t believe you’ve “failed”?


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