Why you shouldn’t listen to me

I was chatting to a member on my Fat Loss Mastery programme just the other day

She was putting herself down for not being ‘the best’

Not having the ‘perfect’ week

^^^ And with all this she was still 1lb down and lost another 1/2 an inch!

And it got me thinking

“when was the last time I had the PERFECT week?’

Well, I can’t remember

Because I don’t think it exists

Yes, I have a plan of what I NEED to do

^^ these are my Key 3 for the week and something I go through with the ladies in Fat Loss Mastery

But I’m as guilty as anyone else

I don’t always drink my water

^^^ in fact, I love sugar-free squash…Guilty-amundo as Fonzie would say!

I don’t always get my 8 hours sleep

^^^ And I’m not blaming my daughter for this one…sometimes I’m just up watching rubbish on TV or reading nutrition journals….Yes..geeky, I know!

I sometimes find myself walking around the kitchen debating whether I’m actually hungry (which means I’m clearly not and probably just tired and a bit stressed out)

I don’t always do my training

I also lose it with loved ones over the SMALLEST things when I’m having one of them days (where I havent had any ‘me’ time and let the day RUN ME by not prioritising my $#*!

And I’d be fibbing if I said otherwise.

But the difference?

Is that I clock it

Learn from it

And adapt

Just like the ladies on my Fat Loss Mastery Programme

After all, what ‘plan’ in your life ever went 100% to plan?

I guarantee all of them had to be adapted in someway

And this is exactly what I teach you in my Fat Loss Mastery Programme

So, if you’re ready to join like-minded ladies in a supportive environment to keep you accountable

Where you’re NOT chasing that illusive ‘BEST’ method that drains your confidence and makes you give up

So you can build a flexible diet that works for you, the kids, and your other half and – dare I say it- get your ‘me’ time back and fit back into your smaller, more fitted clothes

Apply here:


Matt ‘guilty-umundo’ Fruci

PS. Your clothes bill for your smaller, more fashionable clothes is not included for you and your other ;-)…


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