Is organic food better for your health?

Rumour has it that Aldi are going all organic and pesticide free…pretty soon

But is it better for your health?

I mean, I even read something from a so-called ‘nutrionolologyst’ the other day saying that kids should only eat ‘organic’ root veggies….

For me, getting ​​​​​​a kid to eat any root veggies (or any fruit and veg altogether) is a step in the right direction.

^^^ Which reminds me of an article I saw the other day about blueberries being the ‘best’ for kids….​​​

Anyway, a recent 2017 study investigated these ‘proven’ health benefits of eating organic

And found that any health benefits shown previously for eating organic food

Seem to be due to the fact these people were more likely to just eat ‘better’ overall diets


they were more likely to eat more veggies anyway and less likely drink fizzy drinks and ‘cookies’ (I quote from the study)

Suggesting that those who eat ‘organic’ food are simply just more likely to be more health conscious in general

So should you save your money?

Stop worrying whether you and your kids are having the ‘best’ diet?

Probably, yes.

Because – right now – there is no ‘best’

As I show you here ​​​

But if you want to learn more about whether organic food could be better for:

*weight loss

* your taste buds

*the environment

*​​​​​​​​​​​ and your bank account….

go here:

Matt ‘might have just fallen off the fence’ Fruci​​​​​​​​​​

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