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Why staying the same is a good thing..

Why staying the same is a good thing..

It is crazy to thing my oldest daughter 

Is going to school in September..

And I know from speaking to the ladies in the Kickstart

That times just keeps flying by…

One minute you are changing nappies..

The next you’re being asked where Mufasa goes once he has died…

Now – all of a sudden – it is school…

Things change fast..

It got me thinking ..

We don’t stay the same for long. 

In any area…

The standards that we set for ourselves tend to get more challenging… 

We are either improving or regressing. 

We are either becoming more positive or more negative. 

But here is the thing… 

Maintaining any weight loss or fitness level is often seen as failure… 

when actually this is the ONE thing people actually say they want at the start 



In fact, research shows that your hunger hormones can actually adapt to your new norm after keeping your results for 10 months 🙂 

Your body fat set point can change.

Sure, after some weight loss 

You may gain a bit back..

What if that is actually OK?

And what beating ourselves up about that was the issue (and how that then makes us feel)

Rather than the weight gain itself?

What if the habits were in place to help you not just manage expectations and your results…

But also your ability get back to where you want to be?

Because – in my experience over the past 10 years – those that get the best results

Embrace that it will not be linear..

There will be obstacles.. 

And that it is OK not to be perfect.

But to just focus on the direction

Rather than the speed.

After all..

Feeling like you are ‘falling behind’

Feeling like you are ‘failing’

Often comes from comparison ..

Comparison to someone else

Who has a different lifestyle than you

A different metabolism

Different worklife

Family life


I could go on..

And sure,

There may be times where it feels uncomfortable.

I have had a few chats with ladies this past week about 

How nervous they are attending their first workout..

But once they are there?

They love it 🙂

And generally.

the scarier the task seems…

the more satisfaction you get from the outcome 🙂 

So, if you’re continuing to seek out problems (rather than let them come to you), that’s awesome! 

If not, it’s never too late to start again. 

Today is your Day 1 

Make it a great day