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you say the same things

’you say the same things’

So I have had a few messages over the years

From time to time that say:

“You say the same things”

And I get it.

I am like a broken record.

But here’s why..

These small habits are DOABLE and transformational.

But the reason we often don’t do them?

It seems too simple..

Or we assume it will not work..

But through working with thousands of ladies like:

As well as working within the NHS and Public Health to deliver education for those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

I know that more information does not equal transformation…

Actions, accountability and support DO…

And when I say things at the start of your journey…

Some of which might not even make sense right now.

And that is normal.

In fact, even when we say “you need to know your ‘why'” as in

why you actually want to do this..

what changes?

How your life changes​ if you are fitter and healthier?

What is real why?

This can be quite strange when we say this at the start.

​It feels ‘different’ and a bit out of our comfort zone

In fact, I have had conversations with people who have ended up quite emotional as they said no one has ever listened or asked me it like this..

and they have realised just how important this is to them.

Why does this matter?

Well, they now know exactly what they want.

super clear.

not straight away..

it may take time to practice understanding this

But with time and practice

we get better at doing what aligns with our ‘why’..

​Instead of doing the shake diet one week

the celery juice diet the next

then keto

then being more flexible because my friends said ‘this is not healthy​’​

then on to the next etc…

which leaves us confused without direction…​​

You focus on your CLEAR WHY..

and until you get this?

It’s too easy to try to please everyone.

to feel guilty


and not be focussed on what makes you happy.

^^ which just so happens to make everyone around you happy too :-)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

So my advice to you today?

Keep it simple..

Just like we do inside our Kickstart Programme for ladies 40+.

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