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How to create energy today…

How to create energy today…

Just a quick reminder that:

Fitness and nutrition are about consistency, not about perfection.

Your mantra for today (write this on a post it note or piece of paper):

If I need to create energy today, I will….[insert here]

E.g. I will do a 1 minute workout, go for a walk, grab a glass of water, do 10 squats, take a deep breath in and out.

Sounds too simple, right?

Like it is so insignificant and meaningless…

I get it..

Most of the ladies think the same too.

Check out the pictures in this post of just some of the wins from this past week from doing these small habits:

Busy morning ahead with live workouts from home

And outside ladies only workouts start for the ladies in Marlborough and Devizes 🙂 

To go alongside our Kickstart programme.

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