Why Rachael’s ‘failure’ is her biggest win


So Rachael – who recently just completed her 4-Week Kickstart Programme –


posted in our private support group last week…


With some advice that I thought was so powerful for ladies who try and try to lose weight


But get pi33ed off and frustrated when things don’t go their way..


Perhaps life gets in the way and you don’t do everything you were ‘supposed to do’


So I asked if I could share it with you today..


To which she said… yes..


So here It is:


“Hello, my name’s Rachael and I have sinned. 😂


Yes, I have failed to diligently log things in the app this week even though I’ve continued to exercise and try and eat sensibly.


Anyhow…in common with the last time I went on a health drive I haven’t really lost any weight…


but I have lost about an inch off my waist.


I’ve just bought a dress for a ball that makes me feel like a million dollars and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have got the zip done up on it a month ago.


So if you’re struggling, remember it’s not all about the scales….thankfully! 😁


Well done, Racheal…she is looking amazing in her new dress


But the thing is?


As Racheal says


She hasn’t done it all


But she has done?


Has kept going..


With what she IS doing…


You see, it might take her longer to get where she wants compared to if she went 100% all in…


But trying to go 100% all in is actually


Sometimes the reason you don’t get results


Because – quite simply – being ‘perfect’ does not exist


Sometimes, you have to lower your blueprint


And ACCEPT what you can do NOW..


Given your lifestyle


Family, and work….


Because guess what?


Pretty good is still pretty good..


And when you’re only ‘pretty good’ consistently?


That’s where the magic happens


Just like Rachael showed.


And that’s what it’s all about in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme…


We are currently full in Marlborough and Burbage


But if you want more information about our July 4-Week Kickstart Programme?


Just email me at matt@frucifit.com


And I’ll get you the details.


Matt ‘pretty good is still pretty good’ Fruci

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